Body Art – Pros and Cons of Getting a Tattoo

Risks and Cons of Getting a Tattoo

First and foremost, tattoos are by nature permanent fixtures of the body. Once the ink merges with the skin, it is not meant to be undone. For a price – both costly and painful – tattoos can be removed to some extent. The difficult and uncomfortable process of removing a tattoo is enough of a reason to really weigh your options before going under the tattoo artist’s pen.

Weigh the pros and cons of getting a tattoo. (Photo courtesy of Kevin Rosseel, morgueFile)Often, people get tattoos while they are young and impressionable. Years later, they look back and sometimes regret the designs they selected, or the locations they chose, or the fact that they got a tattoo at all. If you are uncertain about any aspect of getting a tattoo or if the tattoo parlor seems shady, it may be best to keep on walking.

Tattoos are applied directly to the skin via a hollow needle that injects colored or black ink into the skin itself. If you are afraid of needles, this may not be the best form of self expression for you. Tattoos can take up to several hours or even several sessions to complete, depending on the complexity of the design.

Perhaps the most grave and alarming negative associated with getting a tattoo is the possibility of contracting a blood-borne illness such as hepatitis or HIV. If needles are reused for another person after an infected person gets a tattoo, this stark reality could change your life for the very worst. Both of these conditions are considered extremely serious, as neither one has a cure.

Blood poisoning or an infection of the skin may also occur after you’ve recently gotten a tattoo. If the tattoo parlor or the tattoo artist don’t follow good hygiene and guidelines in line with the Board of Health, these risky issues can easily become a reality.

Sometimes it is necessary to get a tattoo touched up so that the colors are more vibrant and the image is clearer. Find out if your tattoo parlor offers this service for free or if additional fees are imposed.

On another note, many people who have tattoos often sport numerous tattoos. Getting tattoos has been described as an “addictive” activity, whereby people may save up money or plan ahead to get another one at a later date. This isn’t necessarily a negative, but it is something you should consider ahead of time. Do you really want just one tattoo, or can you see yourself having four or five? Can you finance four or five?

In the long run, tattoos may also impact what career path you take. A number of companies or particular lines of work – like teaching – make efforts to hire people without visible tattoos. You can always counteract this by getting your tattoo in a discreet location on your body.

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