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Luaus are a Must-See in Hawaii!Luaus, barefoot walks along the beach, tropical cocktails as far as the eye can see…. A honeymoon getaway to Hawaii seems to be the perfect place for happy newlyweds! My husband and I enjoyed nine amazing nights in this tropical paradise, and I’m quite convinced we’d still be there living the good life if we could afford it! Here are some of our favorite activities that we would recommend to you if you are able to enjoy your own honeymoon – or any excuse to travel – to Maui!

Chances are, when you go away on your honeymoon, you’ll probably only have between one and two weeks to enjoy your experience to the fullest. If you have more time than that, great news for you! Either way, you’lluaul be sure to soak up every great memory you can. Whether relaxing by the beach or in a cabana by the pool, out on a sailing excursion, helicopter ride, or partaking in any other activity you choose to do, your honeymoon in Hawaii is sure to be an unforgettable time.

Do some research online before you go, or check in with your concierge once you get to the resort for help planning the best activities for you and your new spouse. Consider these activities that we loved, or plan your own itinerary from scratch. Remember, keep some time aside for relaxing and reveling in your recent marriage!

Culture – Attend a Luau!

Don a shell lei and get ready to feast on fabulous tropical fare and pina coladas as deeply as the night is long. Aside from our troublesome flat tire inspired by a bamboo spike, my handsome husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the Wailea Marriott’s Luau.

The food truly was a presentation in and of itself. Male and female performers danced around, displaying each entrée and accompaniment to the luau’s guests before indulging themselves with a tasty bite. The menu ranged from chicken and Kalua pork to mahi-mahi and more. The evening’s beverages were virtually bottomless, as the open bar offered the friendliest of refills.

Performances dropped jaws and prompted camera-happy guests to inch closer and closer to the action. Luau dancers, acrobats, and of course, the world-renown fire knife dancer kept our evening bursting with excitement. The passion and exuberance of the performers really becomes contagious as many of them migrate from the stage down to dance amongst the guests’ tables. If you visit Hawaii for your honeymoon, making the time to visit a luau is my top recommendation for a memorable and exciting dinnertime activity.

For more information on visiting a luau near your resort, please check with your hotel’s concierge.

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