Plans for a Perfect Hawaiian Honeymoon – Maui

 Dining – Take a trip into Lahaina to visit
Lahaina Grill, formerly David Paul’s Lahaina Grill.


This bistro’s unmatched customer service is just the beginning. The restaurant sits a stone’s throw away from the gorgeous Lahaina beach. Nestled between shops and art galleries, the Lahaina Grill holds a prime location where you can spend an entire day taking in the sights, picking up a few souvenirs, and snapping some photos to document your amazing honeymoon.

A romantic seafood dinner...If you are a fan of seafood and shellfish, Lahaina Grill’s reputation precedes itself. We first learned of this fine eatery from our flight attendant and continued to hear about it from our concierge and various people at our resort. From the time we arrived to the moment we left, we were not at all disappointed.

My husband and I found ourselves treated like royalty from the moment we stepped into the door. Our waiter attentively tended to our needs and made helpful menu recommendations for us. As we delighted in fresh scallops and Ahi tuna, we found ourselves surrounded by a matchless romantic ambiance. At the conclusion of our meal, we shook our heads at the dessert menu, but our darling waiter brought us a slice of heaven anyway – the restaurant’s signature “Road to Hana.” This chocolatey confection featured layers of Hawaiian vintage chocolate cake, chocolate sour cream mousse, and macadamia nut caramel, so deliciously sinful we devoured every morsel despite our full bellies.

Tip: Plan your reservation to coincide with sundown so you can enjoy a radiant, picture-perfect sunset with your true love before you enjoy a meal that truly raises the bar. We were lucky enough by chance to enjoy the sunset and a tad bit of shopping and sightseeing before our meal, and found dinner at David Paul’s Lahaina Grill to be the perfect end to yet another perfect day.

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Shopping – Bring home some souvenirs and countless memories.

For such a special trip as a honeymoon, you’ll want to bring home some souvenirs, no doubt. Two of our favorite places on the island of Maui – the Shops at Wailea, which we walked to from our resort, and Hilo Hattie (The Store of Hawaii), which required only a short drive – offered everything we needed and more.

Although we were on a desperate search for coconut postcards that we never found, we did come home with wonderful wares such as coasters made from real lava, champagne glasses, and authentic Hawaiian garb. We also picked up some shot glasses, magnets, a tote bag, some beach towels, and various other mementos. Hilo Hattie offered everything that any great beach and surf shop carries, and the Shops at Wailea displayed everything from similar tropical items to fine watches and jewelry, eveningwear, and food, to name a few.

The two of us especially enjoyed the Whaler’s General and the ABC Store, which is like a CVS or other drugstore. We bought several bottles of champagne for evening sips, and a carton of orange juice so we could enjoy mimosas in the morning!

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