Plans for a Perfect Hawaiian Honeymoon – Maui

Sightseeing – Don’t be content to stay at your resort. View some of Maui’s upcountry on horseback!

Enjoy a horseback tour!Even though it’s your honeymoon, you should still leave the resort long enough to explore a little bit of Maui outside your immediate area. We took an hour’s drive to Piiholo Ranch in Makawao, where we enjoyed an exciting horseback ride in the upcountry.

The ranch offers different ride packages to suit riders and families alike. We opted for the Morning Picnic Ride, which featured a three and a half hour excursion and a delicious barbeque lunch spread on a picnic table in a small pavilion along our trails. Like the Old West, our knowl
edgeable guide secured our horses to a post while we feasted on ribs and chicken, cornbread, and chips, veggies, and sodas.

The open nature of certain parts of the trails allowed our horses to pick up the pace in some areas. A bit challenging and even a little daunting were the times we had to “let the horse have his head” so he could see the rocks and roots on his path as we wound our way down embankments flanked by cliffs in the forest. To our relief, the guide matched each rider with a horse that complemented his or her comfort and skill level. Piiholo Ranch is home to many horses of all sizes and dispositions, from former polo ponies to roping steeds and more.

This trek offered a day of athletic sightseeing that we both really loved. The lush vegetation and rolling hills and distant mountaintops delivered the perfect backdrop to our ride. We even rode through the cattle pasture and let our horses grab a drink in the trough side-by-side with the cows. If you can find the time for a horseback ride, your honeymoon will be so much richer for it.

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Snorkeling – Explore the submerged crater of Molokini and swim with the turtles at Turtle Town.

All aboard!When you go to a beautiful, tropical location like Maui or Hawaii in general, planning a snorkeling adventure should be on the top of your list. Hawaiian waters brim with exciting species like sea turtles, parrotfish, coral, and countless others.

Aboard the Kai Kanani on a trip called The Molokini Express, we traveled out to the Molokini crater, the mostly sunken remains of an ancient volcano. A sliver of the crater sticks out of the water in the shape of a crescent moon, and the depths of the submerged remains of the dormant volcano range from 35 feet to 70 feet on the inside of the crater, to depths as great as 350 feet on the opposing outer wall.

The second and final stop of our snorkeling expedition brought us to Turtle Town, a section of the ocean known to be frequented by sea turtles. We were fortunate to see two or three turtles, with one of them surfacing only feet away from my husband!

Molokini island

The crew of the tour truly catered to the needs and whims of their guests. We enjoyed a continental breakfast and a nice lunch, as well as bottomless alcoholic beverages on the cruise back to shore. It was a grand time indeed!

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Please remember these are just a few of the many amazing adventures you can enjoy on your Hawaiian honeymoon! No matter what you plan, you are sure to love Hawaii. We loved everything we did, and I’m grateful we had the chance to enjoy so many activities.

Thanks to the unbelievable customer service, the delectable cuisine, and the gorgeous views beyond compare, I am really hoping we will be fortunate enough to return to Maui sometime in our lifetime together. Best wishes to you and yours on this exciting honeymoon adventure!

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