Deep Sea by KC Kang Product Review

Totally blown away. Being that it was crunch time between my son’s birthday and Christmas, when I began using these products, I’ve done things completely backwards. I usually like to research a product thoroughly before testing it. Instead, I jumped in with both feet. Hydration with water, what a concept!

Ok, humor aside, most moisturizers use petroleum, or other oil-based products, to help seal moisture into skin. Deep Sea uses water to moisturize at a cellular level. Granted, it’s deep sea water from depths of over 2400 meters by Kume Island near Okinawa, Japan. At that depth the water is full of minerals and nutrients, free from pollutants and bacteria. The deep sea water is closer to the chemical composition in our bodies, which makes it easier for the cells to absorb and use.

The products themselves are fabulous. The Coral Wash starts as a paste, very thick. You only need a little to do the job, but it lathers nicely and rinses clean. It cleans deep into pores yet leaves them minimized, feeling fresh and smooth. My skin does not feel dry, or tight, at all and it looks brighter overall. The product uses coral powder, sea kelp, and natural sources of AHA to gentle exfoliate and stimulate new cell growth.

The Hydrating Rejuvenation Lotion combines the deep sea water with marine collagen to hydrate the skin at a more basic level and protect it from free-radical damage. It is very light. It feels watery with a lotion after-feel. It’s not greasy, but you can feel the lotion aspect. It absorbs quickly and even controls flaky winter skin. It is light enough to not clog pores, but binding enough to wear under makeup and achieve a smooth finish. You can apply it generously multiple times throughout the day to refresh your skin, or simply as a morning application. 

I am very impressed, and pleased, to say that I have actually gotten compliments on my complexion since starting these two products alone. I am a mom of four, toddler to young adult, with dry skin prone to blemishes and irritation. It’s nice to be complimented. It’s very nice to have dry skin relief!

The Highly Absorbable Marine Collagen Gel is definitely a gel. It may be highly absorbable, but it takes a few moments to absorb. Once again though, I am impressed. It is great as a night treatment to help rebuild collagen for firmer skin. It is also great under makeup for a smooth finish, once again without clogging pores.

Delving into the research portion of testing these products, I like them even more. I love history and Japan has long been revered for its skincare secrets. These products were developed by KC Kang, a clinical hypnotherapist and holistic health practitioner searching for relief for her own allergies and eczema. Realizing the mind-body connection and believing that natural beauty starts from within, she delved into the positive attributes of the mineral rich deep sea waters of Okinawa’s Kume Island. With the help of a local manufacturer, Deep Sea was born. It is the first of its kind to be released in the U.S., also paraben free and untested on animals. It may be a tad pricier than expected, but you get generous amounts and great results. All in all, it’s a very nice product line.

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