Travel Beauty Kit on the Go for Holiday Parties, Special Events, and Fancy Dinners

While routine beauty care is the best strategy for maintaining gorgeous skin and hair, a woman often needs to perform a touch up or create a completely different look for herself at the end of work or after a day journeying from one location to the next. This is when having a beauty travel kit can be quite helpful. With only a bit of careful planning, it is easy to create one simply by tossing a few carefully chosen beauty care items together in a bag of some type. I like to keep my beauty kit ready and accessible at all times so I can simply toss it in the car before I leave home.

What types of items should a woman put in a travel beauty kit? The most obvious items are cosmetics, personal hygiene items designed for use away from home, and attractive fashion accessories that can be used to transform an outfit from ordinary to spectacular. Here is a break down by category with a few suggestions that I found to be quite helpful to include.

Fashion Accessories

Tom’s Footwear: Offering a fantastic array of stylish shoes, Tom’s shoes are quite popular these days. If you had a pair, you would understand why this is. The high quality of Tom’s shoes is readily evident once you take a good look at them. Toms’ shoes offer an elastic V that makes them easy to put on and take off (a real plus for anyone) as well as their signature TOMS toe stitch. Most styles also feature a latex sponge arch for comfort and support, a classic suede insole with rubber cushion for comfort, and a one-piece outsole constructed from a mix of rubbers to offer flexibility, durability, and resilience. My pair of pomegranate cords also offered a super soft fleece lining for added warmth and comfort. The eye-catching designs are pure magic for those of us women who simply adore adding another pair of shoes to our already large collections. From canvas classics to cords to grommet styles to cordones, Tom’s shoes have enough variety that you should be able to find a favorite style for yourself.

For every single pair that is purchased, Tom’s Shoes is donating a pair of shoes to a child in need. With such a worthy cause, it is difficult to resist the purchase of one of these attractive styles of shoes. Personally, I found it difficult to select just one pair of shoes as each style is just as attractive as the next. In fact, my youngest daughter was so envious of my new pair of Tom’s that she just about cut off her toes to squeeze her feet into them. I highly recommend Tom’s shoes for a beauty travel bag because they are stylish and oh, so adorable. Plus, if you purchase a pair, you can help out someone less fortunate than yourself. Don’t take my word for it. Visit the Web site and see just how attractive these shoes are. I found my pair to run a bit small, so make sure you order the right size. Available for purchase at Tom’s Shoes.

SummerJasmines: A compactable evening and pedicure shoes, SummerJasmines are one of the greatest fashion creations of our time. Cleverly designed to fold up, SummerJasmines tuck easily into a travel beauty kit or purse. This stylish pair of sandals is designed with elastic cords separating the toes, allowing you to leave them on while getting a pedicure. No more waiting for your nails to dry. You can simply walk away with these stylish sandals on since they keep your toes separated and the tender bottom of your foot protected. You can bring SummerJasmines along in their tiny black pouch to offer your tired feet some comfort while still allowing your feet to look stylish. Check out for a look at all of your color options. More supportive than a traditional flip flop, this crystal-studded sandal is perfect for almost any occasion. Check out SummerJasmines for a look at these adorable pedicure / comfortable dressy sandal.

Wallaroo Hats: The attractive line of hats offered by Wallaroo should be considered for inclusion in your travel beauty kit. Not only are they fashionably stylish, but they are also lined with sun protection to guard against damage created by the sun’s harmful rays. I included the Tamworth in my travel beauty kit and was pleasantly surprised. Initially, I hadn’t been aware that the Tamworth would offer UPF 50+ protection. Since I need to protect my skin from the sun’s harsh rays, this is an important facet of this line of hats. As a side note, the Wallaroo hat company pledges to donate a portion of their profits to skin cancer research. If you are like me, then you probably know one or more individuals who are dealing with skin cancer or who may even have died from it. This is a worthy cause, so even if you aren’t creating a beauty kit, maybe you can consider a Wallaroo hat and participate in the effort to help treat/cure skin cancer. Visit for a look at the newest collection of hats for 2011. Keep your skin safe in the sun with a fully-lined, sun-protective hat by Wallaroo.

Leonisa’s Shapewear: All too often, it is difficult to stay in shape, and that is where Leonisa’s Body Reductor Shapewear can come in quite handy. Designed with advanced powernet technology, Leonisa’s shapewear is designed to tighten the abdomen and reduce the waist size while toning the body into a finely shaped masterpiece. Leonisa’s styles are quite comfortable since they have been designed with an anti-bacterial microfiber that feels cool and soft, allowing women who wear this brand of shapewear to feel fresh no matter what the temperature is. Wearing Leonisa’s Body Reductor Shapewear on a regular basis helps to tone a woman’s body while also improving her posture. It all sounds good to me, so I was anxious to try out the style (brief panty compression body shaper) that I generously received for the purposes of this guide. After all, like most women who have gained a few pounds, especially after the age of 40, I am always looking for a little help returning to a slimmer body shape. I give this style of lingerie a thumbs up. This particular style can be found at Leonisausa along with a wide assortment of other shapewear styles.

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