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Eastern Ideas for Human Wellness – Refreshing Sokenbicha™ Tea Blends

Time-honored Japanese traditions are sometimes based in the belief that nature is an important element of our well being. Drawing upon those beliefs, Sokenbicha™ offers a fine line of authentically brewed tea blends with natural botanicals.

Creating a modern taste laced with a generous helping of ancient wisdom, Sokenbicha™ provides five flavorful, natural tea blends without preservatives or sugar as ingredients. These flavorful teas are unsweetened so they contain no calories, a real benefit for women over 40 or those individuals who are simply trying to lose a bit of weight.


Drawing from the ancient wisdom embraced in the 5 Elements Theory, Sokenbicha™ strives to provide a refreshing beverage blended to offer proper balance for the body’s elements in an effort to restore good health and well-being.

The holistic approach of the Five Elements Theory follows the ancient belief that the interrelationship of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) is responsible for changes in the natural world. The ancient Japanese firmly held to the belief that the proper balance among these elements should lead to an individual’s well being.

Therefore, Sokenbicha™ designed its blend of teas and botanicals to bring about a balance within the human body. Five varieties have been created including Revive, Defend, Purify, Shape, and Skin.

Revive is crisp and cool. This oolong tea blend offers a delicate fruity flavor of pomegranate and raspberry blended with rose hips and black tea.

Defend is flavorful yet mild in taste. Defend is an oolong tea blend created with ginseng and guava leaves.

Purify is deliciously aromatic. This green tea blend offers the calming experience associated with chamomile and the healing effect of aloe.

Shape is bold. This barley tea blend features notes of the peach flower.

Skin is very bold. A delicious barley tea, Skin is blended with hints of ginger and cinnamon.

Sokenbicha’s tea blends are authentically brewed from natural teas and botanicals in an effort to provide women with an alternative beverage that brings the positive back into a woman’s life.

While I did receive these products free for the purposes of this review, I did enjoy their flavorful taste as well as the feeling of calmness I experienced while drinking them.

Susan M. Keenan: