Ten Summer Date Ideas for Couples in ‘Lazy Mode’

Let’s face it – even the most romantic, most exciting, and more outgoing couples fall into a stale lifestyle every once in a while. Maybe months of too many plans finally built up to the point where it’s really great to have a few free weekends in a row. We all need those lazy, nothing-to-do weekends. Pack a picnic lunch!But more often, it seems that we just get into a habit of not planning anything and not doing anything spontaneous on the weekends.

If you’ve fallen into this tired trap, consider these fun day trips and date ideas for a summer full of exciting and adventurous weekends!

1. Visit a local winery or brewery / microbrewery. You can mix education with culture and end up with a day full of fun. If you’d like to swill some fine wines and beers, check the Web for vineyards and breweries within a reasonable drive of your home. You and your sweetie will have a blast tasting the different samplings, but just make sure one of you keeps your sips to a minimum so you have a safe ride home.

TIP: This is an especially fun activity for groups, too! Get together with all your favorite friends and rent a chauffeured vehicle to serve as your designated driver. You might have so much fun that you’ll turn this into an annual event!

2. Enjoy a picnic in the park or at the beach. Who doesn’t love sitting on a blanket in a beautiful location, noshing, and just relaxing? Gather your favorite edibles and make up some sandwiches or other yummy bites. Bring something to drink and plenty of napkins. You can also bring your camera to get some good nature shots, or a small stereo or MP3 player with external speakers so you can listen to your favorite tunes.

TIP: Pack a bottle of wine if you can walk to your favorite picnic spot from your home.

3. Score tickets for a local minor league sporting event. Trust me, a hotdog and a beer never taste better than when you’re engrossed in the action of an athletic competition. If you can find a rugby match, better yet. You can even check your newspapers for listings of potential athletic events or activities that you might enjoy.

TIP: Don’t forget your sunscreen!

4. Check out the nearest zoo. A sunny summer day is a great time to enjoy the wonder of our animal kingdom. When life gets dull from doing the same old stuff all the time, a trip to the zoo can bring things back into perspective. Just think about the polar bears playing or the otters doing their adorable tricks. You can watch the zebras and antelopes graze or check out the big cats in their terrain. Take pictures of your favorite animals – it gives you a creative outlet for your summertime adventure.

TIP: Bring along a knapsack with some snacks in case you get hungry or thirsty along the way. Also, don’t forget sunscreen here either!


5. Plan something active – go for a bike ride, go rollerblading, or go hiking. Staying active keeps us healthy and in better shape. Spending some time outdoors playing is the perfect summertime activity, whether by yourselves or in a big group. Get some people together for a team sport like volleyball or just enjoy a little one-on-one basketball or roller-hockey. You can go for a hike and take some pictures, or enjoy a bike ride along your favorite trails. Go running together, walking together, or even have a water gun fight.

TIP: Remember what it was like over the summer when you were a kid? Think about your favorite things to do back then – and relive some of them now!


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