How to say “I Love You” Without Saying a Word – on Valentine’s Day and Every Day

Sure, it is important to tell our partner we love them – no doubt about it.  But, as the saying goes, talk can be cheap; therefore, back up those 3 little words: “I love you” with actions that validates the true meaning of those words.

1.   Write love notes and leave them in the most unexpected places. Notice I didn’t say write love letters – that can take up too much time.  Just write short, little notes expressing your love for your partner and leave them in a place where they will least expect it.  For example, put the note on the driver’s seat of their car. Or maybe write the words “I love you” in a steamed up mirror when your partner is taking a shower.  Or you could put a note in their lunch bag or under their pillow.  You get the point – be creative and have fun!


2.   Make their life a little easier.
For example, put toothpaste on their toothbrush in the morning or leave their favorite cereal in a bowl at night so they are surprised to find it waiting for them in the morning.  This is surefire way to bring a smile to your partner’s face.   If you wake up before your partner, don’t turn the light on – lay your clothes out in the bathroom the night before.  Surprise your partner and fill up their car with a full tank of gas – who wouldn’t love that? The point is to let your partner know you are thinking about them with tiny considerate gestures.

3.   Make a treasure hunt using little yellow post-it notes and have your partner’s favorite snack – or some other type of surprise – at the end of the trail.  They will love this.

4.   Make a fake temporary tattoo on your body with lipstick or eyeliner – maybe draw a heart with your partner’s initials inside it. How much fun would that be? Maybe it is corny, so what? Can’t adults have a little fun too?

5.   Bring home flowers or a romantic card – “just because”.  Let Hallmark do your talking for you – they certainly seem to have a way with words.

6.   Surprise them with their favorite movie and watch it together on the couch. Buy their favorite snack and drink and hunker away, together, for the evening.(I can almost here the words to the song: “Love is in the Air” here).

7.   Take your partner to their favorite restaurant one evening instead of going to yours. Never underestimate the power of a full stomach – especially for the guys!

Everyone loves to hear those three powerful words: “I love you” but showing your love with thoughtful little gesture are even more powerful – on Valentine’s Day and every day through out the year!

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