20 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to plan for a holiday in advance. Work, travel, health, family, or any other number of things can get in the way, preventing even the best of intentions. You can still save your Valentine’s heart with a last-minute gift idea that shows you really care. Here are 20 last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the last-minute shopper.

The romantic Valentine’s Day gift you choose can be as sweet as candy or as sentimental as something you create yourself. When time is of the essence, choosing a gift for your lover at the last-minute can be stressful, to say the least. Take the stress out of your Valentine’s Day by looking at quick-delivery gift options and vendors online who can help save the day, whether you forgot a gift or simply didn’t know what to buy. Choose from pajama-grams, flowers, chocolates, and of course, delicious and decadent chocolate-covered berries, a romantic gift for guys and girls to love!

20 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Girls


1.    Flowers
2.    Chocolates
3.    Perfume
4.    Lotion
5.    Bubble Bath
6.    Pajamas / Lingerie
7.    Plush Bath Robe
8.    Wine
9.    Jewelry
10.    Music CDs
11.    Movies
12.    Slippers
13.    Soft Sweater
14.    Sunglasses
15.    Designer Purse
16.    Framed Photos
17.    Artwork
18.    Candlesticks
19.    China Figurine
20.    Crystal Ring Holder

20 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Guys

1.    Cologne
2.    Candy
3.    Leather Goods – Wallet, Belt, etc.
4.    Beer
5.    Booze
6.    Gift Cards
7.    Video Games
8.    Movies
9.    Music CDs
10.    Gadgets
11.    Electronics
12.    Sunglasses
13.    Luggage
14.    Pajama Pants
15.    Cufflinks
16.    Men’s Jewelry
17.    Golf Balls or Accessories
18.    Car Accessories
19.    Gift Cards
20.    Cigars

These are just 20 fast, last-minute gift suggestions for Valentine’s Day for your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend. Not every gift will be appropriate for each recipient, but you can use these ideas to come up with a perfect gift, even if you are just starting your shopping on February 14!

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