Indulge Your Body and Tempt Your Senses with Earthly Elements

Beauty products are one of those items that women can indulge in numerous times a day without ever getting tired of them. From delicately scented perfumes to body washes and gels with fresh aromas, the array of women’s beauty products is amazingly varied.

While women love to stick to their favorites when it comes to shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and perfumes, they also like to try new products every now and again. Why not consider Earthly Elements’ collection of NEW beauty products yourself or consider buying them for a gift? This brand new line of women’s products helps to set a romantic mood with its sexy scent and ability to encourage a woman’s skin to become rejuvenated with a touchably soft and silky feeling.

Whether you are picking up a last minute holiday gift or searching for the perfect birthday gift, Earthly Elements body products offer an exceptional Moroccan Vanilla body wash that smells fantastic, glides on like silk, and rinses with a hydrating action laced with a heavenly sweet vanilla scent.

This invigorating body wash comes in an attractive plastic bottle filled with 8 fluid ounces of sweetly scented product that feels nice to the touch. It helps to soothe and nourish a woman’s skin with its careful inclusion of several body-softening ingredients: aloe, lavender, chamomile, white tea, and arnica. These ingredients also help to provide a soothing influence that is unmistakable. Just open your mind to the possibility and you’ll feel it too! I found Earthly Element’s body wash to provide just the right amount of lather while also feeling really nice to the skin.

The moisturizing body lotion by Earthly Elements includes a bevy of natural ingredients to help provide essential hydration for the skin. They include rose hip, flax seed, jojoba, cucumber, green tea, white tea, extracts of lavender, and borage oils. Earthly Element’s body lotion is creamy and fragrant- perfect for a bit of indulgence.

Each bottle is adorned with an attractive charm that adds a little something special when giving this item as a gift. The charms feature special messages including the words, HOPE, SERENTIY, OR SPIRIT. In addition to being attractive and offering a word of encouragement, the charms can be used for a keychain, hair tie, or trinket that you can attach to almost anything including your favorite perfume, water bottle, or umbrella.

I received both the moisturizing body lotion and hydrating body wash free for the purposes of this review. I’m glad I did because I might not have discovered them otherwise! Earthly Elements body products are available at a number of health food stores as well as the following Web site: Earthly Elements.


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