Athleta Yoga Gear for High-Performance Workouts

If you’ve been noticing your workouts dwindling lately, it may be time to add a new element of excitement to your routine. Some new workout clothes ought to do the trick! Athleta offers countless style options and color choices for your yoga, Pilates, strength training, running, swimming, and exercise videos. A new workout outfit can go a long way in motivating you to work harder and get stronger over time. Stylish workouts also allow you to be comfortable and fashionable when running errands or lounging around the house.

I received a brand new Athleta yoga outfit for the purpose of evaluation and review, and I couldn’t be happier. The outfit I received included the Sleeveless Twist Top in Kauai Blue Simhah and Revelation Pant in black.

Athleta Sleeveless Twist Top in Kauai Blue Simhah
The Athleta Sleeveless Twist Top is made of a Nylon / Polyester / Spandex blend for a very comfortable fit that is flexible to meet the needs of your workout. The fabric features Q-Skin yarn that has anti-odor and antibacterial properties, relying on silver particles to maintain a biological balance and keep odors caused by sweating at bay. Perhaps more importantly, the fabric of this shirt is moisture-wicking to keep you dry for your entire workout. This workout top is fitted, making it ideal for running, yoga, Pilates, workout videos, tennis, and for so many other activities.

I’ve worn my Twist Top at least three times and run it through the wash just as many. The performance during workouts and from the washer to the drying rack is flawless. I find it very comfortable, especially when paired with the Athleta Revelation Pant. The Athleta Twist Top retails for $49 and is available in a wide array of colors including purple, green, blue, black, and white.

Athleta Revelation Pant in Black
Perfect for yoga, Pilates, and looking cute in your workout gear, the Revelation Pant by Athleta is one piece of clothing you are going to want to wear again and again. Seriously, I have to keep an eye on my laundry pile to be sure I can wash these awesome yoga pants as soon as I am done wearing them. Athleta says these pants are one of their most popular items and it’s not surprising when you consider why.

The fit of the Revelation Pant is perfect – it hugs your curves without pulling or squishing. The fabric has a gusseted inseam for complete comfort whenever you wear these pants. The breathable, moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry and comfortable during and after workouts. The styling and fit of the pants also make them appropriate for running to the gym, the post office, the grocery store, or any other errand you might have on your agenda. They are also super comfortable for just lounging around the house, doing housework, relaxing and watching movies, you name it. The pants also have a UPF of 50+, making them ideal for outdoor training and workouts as well. The Revelation Pant retails for $98. 

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