Spring Flower Nail Design Tips

Spring Flower Nail Design SmallSpringtime is a wonderful time to give your nails extra special attention. You can create beautiful and unique flower nail at designs to welcome the warmer weather. Create lovely flowers in your favorite colors with these tips for spring flower nail art.

Flowers of all shapes, sizes, and colors exist all around the world. Try these tips to create pretty flower nail art designs.

  • For a full flower, start your design in the center of the nail.
  • For a partial flower or a more elegant half flower, start your design on the edge of your nail.
  • Create a French manicure or pedicure and then add a flower design to a single nail. Use your favorite colors for the flower design on your nail.
  • Apply tiny nail rhinestones or gems for the center of the flower.
  • Use a medium tip nail art brush for the flower and a thinner brush or striper for the stem and and detail work.
  • For a two-tone flower nail design, dip one corner of the nail brush in one color and the other in your second color. When you paint, you will get two-tone petals.
  • Be sure to add a clear topcoat to protect your designs and help your spring flower manicure or pedicure last longer.

Spring Flower Nail Design Big

To get inspiration for your flower nails, first find the flower style you like best. You can browse the Web or pictures in magazines to find some ideas. Use a few of your favorite colors to create lily nails, hibiscus designs, daisies, and countless other kinds of pretty flower nail art.

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