Silversport™ Bamboo Silver Towel™ for Workouts

If you’ve never worked out with a handy fitness towel, you should try it. You might never go back. The reason is simple. A soft, clean, flexible towel can help you stay drier during your workouts and it is soothing as it whisks away any perspiration from your face and neck. You can also use your fitness towel to clean off exercise equipment before and after use. Made of ultra-soft and renewable bamboo, the Silversport™ Silver Towel™ is a smart choice for your favorite workouts and everything in between.

Eco-friendly products are all the rage these days, and products that perform are the ones flying off the shelves. The Silver Towel boasts both benefits and has anti-microbial properties to boot. The towel itself actually contains Terra-Silver ™, which is a revolutionary nanotechnology employing real, natural silver particles to reduce odors and provide anti-microbial protection to the entire product. In fact, all Silversport™ products contain this Terra-Silver component, which, if you can believe it, successfully eliminates 650+ kinds of surface-borne bacteria. The surface of the towel releases silver ions, activated when the towel picks up moisture, resulting in efficient odor-reduction.

I received my very own Silver Towel for the purpose of this review, and I couldn’t be happier. The towel is the perfect workout companion for all of my favorite workout videos and indoor exercises like the Elliptical machine. It can also help dry you off after a long run or during competitive sports. I really love the flexible bamboo fabric that is super soft and comfortable to the skin. The towel is the perfect size and shape to sling around your neck before, after, or even during workouts. Another smart feature, the back of the towel has several textured logos of Silversport that act as grippers when you toss your towel across the gym onto another piece of workout equipment.

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