Review of The Biggest Loser’s Simply Sensible Meals

If you are trying to lose a little weight or just hoping to eat a little healthier, your grocer’s freezer or refrigerator may have more options for you than you’d think. Simply Sensible meals by The Biggest Loser offer consumers a healthy meal that is less than 300 calories per serving. Simply add a cup of fresh steamed vegetables and you can enjoy a delicious meal that is healthy and yummy.

I received two varieties of The Biggest Loser’s Simply Sensible meals to try for the purpose of this review. First we had Mediterranean-Style Chicken, which features boneless chicken breast with rib meat in a white wine and rosemary sauce with bowtie pasta. The dish also includes peas, olive slices, and red peppers. The second meal we tried was Beef Tips with Gravy and Brown Rice. The meals are sold fully cooked and just need to be warmed up before eating.

My husband and I usually eat Chicken Voila meals since they are pretty healthy and fast and easy to make. We really enjoyed the Biggest Loser meals, but we felt the Voila meals had more flavor, perhaps more spices. On a separate note, I am beginning to wonder if the Voila meals have MSG in them, as I am never full after eating a serving of the meal. With the Biggest Loser meals, I felt more satisfied after finishing dinner.

I enjoyed The Biggest Loser’s Simply Sensible Mediterranean-Style Chicken more than I thought I would, since I do not care for peppers. They really weren’t noticeable, and I was able to push them aside if needed. The bowtie pasta is always a hit in our house. I liked the little bit of sauce, but felt there could have been a bit more flavor. This meal has 250 calories per serving, 36g Carbohydrate (12%), and 400mg sodium (17%).

The Beef Tips with Gravy and Brown Rice meal was yummy but again could have used something in the way of spices. We enjoyed it but found it just a bit bland. We would have made it for dinner sooner, but the first time or two we wanted to try it, we didn’t have any fresh vegetables in the house. We finally managed to get some fresh broccoli and it was the perfect complement to the beef, gravy, and brown rice. I imagine next time we try this we could probably spice it up with a little fresh ground pepper or maybe some Italian seasonings. Honestly, it was still very delicious!

Preparation for these meals was super fast and easy. We would absolutely try them again, or explore the other varieties of Biggest Loser meals. They are nice to add into our rotation of fast-cook meals for those lazy nights or when we just aren’t able to spend much time cooking. Has anyone else tried them?

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