Review of Scünci No Slip Grip Hair Bands and Upzing

When it comes to hair accessories, women tend to want fashion, function, and comfort. Scünci No Slip Grip Hair Bands by Conair Corporation give your hair a colorful accent while catering to the children of the 80’s and the jelly bracelets of long ago. The jelly type ponytail holders are fun and highly desirable, boasting bright neon colors like hot pink, neon orange, fluorescent yellow, neon green, electric blue, and hot purple, as well as black. These gummy hair ties are perfect for spring and summer or any time of year.

I received a pack of 14 Scünci No Slip Grip ponytail bands for the purpose of this review. I was really excited to try them out and they definitely sent me back to my childhood years in the 1980’s with the age of jellies, jelly bracelets, and neon colors. To give you a general statement, I am glad I received them and I love them for their bright colors and fun texture. I especially like these waterproof hair ties for swimming and water sports.

To give you my full critique, I will say there are only two things I didn’t like about this product. First, if a little bit of your hair gets caught on the rubbery surface of the hair band, you may find it a little less ouch-less than you are expecting. Second, the bands are pretty tight so they may not be a one-size-fits-all for wearing on your wrist. Also, try to avoid falling asleep when you do have these on your wrist. I fell asleep and mine must have rolled partway up my arm, so when I woke up, I had quite an indentation from the pressure.

These hair ties offer a stylish grip as well as a colorful bit of flair for your hair. You can get your own pack at your favorite drugstore or mass market retailer, or online at for about $2.99. To learn more, please see

I also received a Scünci Upzing Double Combs hair clip, size medium with black beading. Much like the EZ Combs and HairZing, this double-comb style barrette offers dozens of different hairstyles all with the same hair clip. The Scünci Upzing allows you to wear your hair half up and half down or completely on top of your head in a fancy up-do. You can also do fancy ponytails with this cool and fashionable hair clip.

The packaging includes an easy, four-step set of instructions so you can create one of many different hairstyles. The hair clip’s construction features two comfortable black combs, super stretchy clear string, and a variety of pretty black beads. This clip is great for any woman from young teens to mature adults. You can purchase the Scünci Upzing at your favorite drugstore, mass market retailer, or online at


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