Pond’s Clean Sweep Cleansing & Make-up Removing Towelettes Product Review

Removing waterproof makeup easily and effectively often proves to be a challenge for me. Sometimes I have a hard time finding a product that works as well as it claims, and leaves my eyelashes intact despite the scrubbing required to remove the eye makeup. Sometimes a product comes along with multitasking properties, such as removing makeup and cleansing your face. Pond’s Clean Sweep Cleansing & Make-up Removing Towelettes are one such product. I’ve put them to the test and this is what I have to say…

Pond’s Clean Sweep Towelettes have a lovely fragrance and a delightful texture designed to remove makeup and impurities from your skin. I received a full-sized sample of Pond’s Clean Sweep Cleansing & Make-up Removing Towelettes (30 in a pack) for the purpose of my review. The towelettes are moistened and securely stashed inside a plastic wrapper with a sticker that covers the opening to keep the towels from drying out.

Each face cleansing and makeup removing cloth contains healthy ingredients like Vitamin E, chamomile, and triple tea antioxidant complex. This product is hypoallergenic for sensitive skin and also dermatologist tested. Product packaging states these makeup removing towelettes are safe for contact lens wearers. I do not wear contacts so I can’t vouch for the experience personally, but it is very nice to know they have all skin types and sensitivities in mind.

As far as product performance and effectiveness, I am torn. I enjoyed the quality of the product as well as the fragrance and its performance as a face cleansing option. I really liked that you could use these Clean Sweep products on the go, especially during travel, and you did not have to rinse your face after using them. On the other hand, I wear mostly waterproof makeup and did not find Pond’s Clean Sweep Cleansing & Make-up Removing Towelettes to be an effective tool at removing waterproof mascara or stubborn eyeliner. With this in mind, if you wear only washable makeup, you probably won’t have an issue. If however, you also use waterproof makeup more often than not, you may wish to keep looking for another cleansing towelette that specializes in waterproof makeup removal.

Still, the experience of using Pond’s Clean Sweep Cleansing & Make-up Removing Towelettes was very pleasant and I would love using them again on vacations and other times when you may need to quickly cleanse your face. You can find Pond’s products at your favorite drugstores, mass market retailers, and Amazon.com.


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