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Weddings offer countless opportunities to customize all the details of the event to create an overarching theme or color scheme. A number of traditions still find favor with today’s brides and grooms, including “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue,” the bouquet toss, and of course, the wedding day garter.

Customized garters are lots of fun for your wedding day! (Garter created by

Whether they realize it or not, brides have many more options for selecting the perfect garter than what they will find in any bridal shop, department store, or lingerie retailer. Thanks to the power of the Internet, brides can search and find unique garters online, or they can request custom-made or personalized garters that are perfect for their wedding day.

“We have found that many brides are taking the customization of their weddings quite seriously and want all of the details to match,” said Julie Goldman of The Original Runner Company. “We have had many requests lately for monogrammed garters for the bride and we happily oblige. We have personalized our garters with crystal monograms or their full names.”

Personalizing your names is a great way to customize your garter! (Garter crafted by The Original Runner Company.)

The Original Runner Company specializes in creating custom aisle runners for weddings, but they also offer custom garters. The garters can be personalized with the bride’s and groom’s names, just the groom’s name, the new last name, or monograms. Designs are often simple and classy.

Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, and acrylic paints help to accessorize the custom garters. The fabric used may be silk or polyester, depending on the bride’s budget constraints. For more information on The Original Runner Company, see


Customized Colors, Themes, and Adornments

Your wedding day garter can be as colorful and as creative as you like. You can incorporate your wedding theme or a special theme or memory that is special to you and your fiancé. You can customize your garter to feature a contemporary style or to illustrate vintage throwback designs.

Fun and funky colors are all the rage! (Garters crafted by ( noted that this season’s favorite shades tend to include “all the bright colors – especially spring green and hot pink and orange”.

“I also have a new line of polka dot garters that is selling really fast right now too,” she added. “All the sports garters are also very popular. Most of my brides think it is really fun to add an element of their fiancé’s personality into the garter. It could be his favorite baseball team, or a Batman themed garter, if he collects Batman items. Other brides love to use the colors of their bridesmaids’ dresses for the garter colors.”

Some of Kristi’s favorite or most interesting garters to date include a garter with a beer theme, John Deere garters, NASCAR racing garters, a Superman garter, and a garter featuring all four of the bride’s favorite baseball and football teams.

Karen of Eye Catching Creations agrees that hot pink and lime green are all the rage this year, but so are red, black, and brown. In addition to the ever-popular sports garters, she also shared that her top themes include camouflage, mossy oak, and Irish wedding garters, as well as polka dots. Her shop manufactures licensed garters for 300 colleges and universities in the United States and Canada so many brides and grooms can create a personal tie between their favorite university and their wedding day.Irish weddings call for Irish garters! (Garter by Eye Catching Creations.)

“Just like the rest of the wedding you want it to be perfect,” Karen said. “Most brides today order two garters – one to toss and one to keep. Many are adding personalized ribbons with their names and date on them. It is a beautiful keepsake. I recommend to brides who order two garters to get themselves a shadow box and display the wedding garter in it, hang it on their wall until their little girl gets married….”

For more information, see

If you’ve already found the perfect garter for your wedding day, consider adding a personal touch.

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