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Romantic Weekend Escapes to Enjoy with Your Sweetheart

Romantic weekend escapes can help us take a break from reality and focus on what really matters – our romantic relationships. A romantic escape planned over the weekend or over a long weekend can be just what the doctor ordered to reduce stress levels and rekindle the flame of your marriage or relationship. No matter where you live in the world, you can find dozens of romantic weekend escapes to enjoy with your significant other. Even if cost is a concern, you can still plan a romantic escape on a budget.

Couples should take the time to enjoy romantic weekend escapes as often as possible, but at the very least, once every other month or so. Consider these ideas for romantic weekend escapes you can enjoy near your home or after a short drive or a quick flight.

Top 10 Romantic Weekend Escapes

Check out these suggestions for romantic weekend escapes you can plan on any budget.

1.    Escape to a mountain retreat. No matter what the weather, a romantic weekend escape to the mountains can be an unforgettable trip you’ll both enjoy. Even if you stay snuggled inside your cabin next to a roaring fire, things couldn’t be more perfect.

2.    Hide away in a beach bungalow. Who doesn’t love the beach? From the flawless sunset to the crashing waves, enjoyable beachside attractions, and excellent restaurants, you’ll run out of weekend before you run out of things to do together.

3.    Sail away on a cruise (or a houseboat!). Depending on how close you live to the departure port, you can enjoy romantic weekend escapes to several destinations when you plan a cruise. Extend your trip into a long weekend escape for an even more memorable experience.

4.    Catch a flight to your closest tropical island. Sometimes it is possible to get to a wonderfully romantic, tropical destination in under two or three hours by air. This is almost a no-brainer! Consider jetting off to the Bahamas, Bermuda, or another Caribbean destination for one of your romantic weekend escapes if it’s within your budget.

5.    Spend a romantic weekend in your nearest “big city.” If you live within a reasonable drive or train ride of New York City, this kind of romantic weekend escape is a fast favorite. Even in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Boston, Chicago, and others, you can find just about every type of cuisine, shopping, and activity to enjoy with your loved one. Book a hotel room and enjoy your weekend!

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6.    Sneak off to a secluded cottage or bed and breakfast. Romantic weekend escapes don’t always need to have a special theme or purpose. Simply escape from your normal life and relax the weekend away with your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

7.    Dash off on a romantic ski weekend. Become two lovable snow bunnies whether you hit the slopes or relax in the ski lodge. Bundle up, get a little exercise, and enjoy a fun winter activity together.

8.    Treat yourselves to a golf and spa getaway. Even the most intimate relationship can benefit from a little bit of alone time followed by blissful togetherness. Spend time doing what you love – shopping or indulging at the spa – while your man gets his golf game on.

9.    Rough it with your love at a rustic campsite. Nothing says love like romantic weekend escapes in the woods or the wilderness where you are entirely vulnerable to each other. You may wear the same clothes for much of the weekend and showering could get a little interesting, but imagine all the fun you’ll have cooking over an open fire and snuggling up with a bottle of wine at night.

10.    Experience new sights or activities together, like a natural or historic landmark. Romantic weekend escapes don’t always have to be at a romantic resort or special accommodations. You can plan your weekend away with more focus on the activities you will be doing. Experiencing something new together can be especially romantic as well.

These are our top 10 romantic weekend escapes for couples on any budget. Whether you stay local or travel somewhere a bit farther away for a long weekend, like the Caribbean, you should be able to relax and enjoy time alone with your significant other throughout the weekend. From luxury to roughing it, you can tailor your special weekend as an escape from reality any way you like it. If you have more suggestions for romantic weekend escapes to enjoy with your significant other, please share them in our comments below.


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