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March Madness Party Tips and Food Ideas

If you and your friends are basketball fans, it makes perfect sense to throw a March Madness party during college basketball season. Basketball parties can be a lot of fun with the right group of family and friends. You can watch the games, enjoy some great food, and socialize with your guests. Take turns hosting March Madness parties within your social circle or consider migrating to a local sports bar for some of the more exciting games. A few March Madness party tips can help you get your festivities moving in the right direction.

No matter whom you plan to invite – only fans of your team or enemies alike – your March Madness event is sure to be a success if you put a little time and thought into the planning. Consider these March Madness party tips and food ideas to help you plan an awesome basketball party for yourself and all your friends.

March Madness Party Planning Tips
Consider these March Madness party planning tips to help get your gathering organized for fun and excitement:

•    Decorate your home with your favorite team’s colors or choose paper and plastic party ware in the team colors.

•    For fun or for a small wager, offer everyone their own bracket to fill out for the week’s games or for the whole season. You can also fill out a huge bracket board as a group.

•    Have everyone wear their favorite college basketball jersey or clothing in their preferred team’s colors.

•    During intermissions and commercial breaks, have a little competition of trashcan basketball or Nerf basketball.

March Madness Party Food Tips
Consider these March Madness menu ideas for your party food:

•    Go for a fun and authentic menu of basketball game food like you would find at a sports arena – popcorn, hotdogs, chicken fingers, fries, soft pretzels, soft drinks, and of course, beer!

•    Make up your March Madness party food menu using creative names and food ideas to taunt your opponents, like roasted Jayhawks!

•    Don’t forget dessert, like Blue Devil’s Food Cake. You can also make a bracket cake!

•    If you can’t find creative food to make, at least put your party food in basketball themed serving ware.

These are just a few ideas for March Madness parties and party food. If you have hosted or attended a March Madness party, please share your favorite tips in our comments below.


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