20 Low-Carb Home Menu Ideas for Weight Loss and Good Health

Try these recipes for paleo diet, atkins diet, and just losing weight.My husband recently decided he wanted to try the Paleo diet. Now he didn’t decide to completely go with it – I mean how could we give up pizza and lasagna, for starters? Because the Paleo diet forbids just about all carbs as well as most if not all dairy, from what I understand, I have been really struggling to come up with meal ideas that are acceptable to his low-carb preferences as well as my own cravings for a wholesome (and not weird) meal. Don’t get me wrong, my guy isn’t about weird food in the least. He is just a busy man and wants to lose a few pounds with a simple change in diet. I guess I’ll go along for the ride.

Now again, I will emphasize, I love carbs – rice, pasta, cookies, rolls (SANDWICHES), and so forth. I am pretty close to my target weight, so while the few pounds I may lose will be welcome, they aren’t essential to my weight goals. But I know my hubby wants to lose a few more pounds and since I cook the meals, the least I can do is try to help the process rather than making it more difficult. THEN we can go back to carbs. At least that’s what I say.

So, after racking my brain, scouring the Web, and looking high and low on the shelves of several of my local grocery stores, I bring you this list of meal suggestions so you can create a weekly or biweekly menu to make your food preparation and grocery shopping easier than mine has been the past few weeks!

20 Low-Carb Meals for Atkins Diet, Paleo Diet, or Losing Weight in General
Finding main courses with side dishes to suit the requirements of various diets can be challenging. I honestly didn’t count the carbs and sugars per veggie or meat product, so you may have to tweak my suggestions here and there. This is just my stab at 20 meals you can rotate through if you are trying to lose a few pounds or if you plan on sticking to the Paleo diet or Atkins diet.

1.    Chicken Stir Fry – You can make so many variations of this. I use a little olive oil touch of butter (or your diet-approved substitute, like coconut oil, etc.), a touch of white cooking wine, some chopped garlic, and then toss in the chicken until done, and then add veggies at the end on top of the cooked chicken, steaming them so they are still nice and crisp! Delicious with broccoli or green beans, or your choice of veggies. I do miss the rice sometimes but it is still pretty yummy.
Try these recipes for paleo diet, atkins diet, and just losing weight.
2.    Beef Stir Fry – Same as above but with a simple variation – I just add beef (steak) instead of chicken and red cooking wine instead of white.

3.    Ham and Veggies – A simple ham steak and some mixed vegetables can make a wonderful meal for the whole family.

4.    Steak and Eggs – Why does everything have to have a veggie on the side? Double your protein with this cool combo that can be just as enjoyable at breakfast or dinner.

5.    Salmon with Broccoli – Salmon is one of our favorite fish. This tasty pink fish goes great with broccoli or green beans, asparagus, and so many others.

6.    Tilapia with Veggies – For another low-fat menu option, consider the delicate white fish of Tilapia. The mild flavor goes great with so many vegetables and plays nicely with fire – just kick up your seasonings a notch for a Cajun treat.

7.    Pork Chops with Apples – Whether you bake or grill, pork tastes great with apples or applesauce. Why stick to just meat and veggies for dinner? Get creative and add some fruit in the mix.

8.    Duck & Orange Stir Fry – We haven’t made this one yet but it is on my list to try. Duck is traditionally served roasted, much like turkey, but this could be a fun variation or an interesting way to use up your leftovers.

9.    Spicy Chicken with Celery – Instead of typical breaded buffalo wings or boneless buffalo wings, try a low-carb version where you baste the hot sauce directly on your boneless, skinless chicken breast or wings. Serve with celery and a side salad for a zesty, healthy meal.

10.    Grandpop’s Chicken – This is my special recipe from my late grandfather. It’s essentially garlic-rosemary chicken, a nice Italian flavor. I can never make it as delicious as he did, but here’s how it goes. Marinate your skinless chicken OR roaster chicken in extra virgin olive oil with lots of minced garlic and rosemary. Add parsley, salt, and pepper to taste. Allow it to marinate overnight if possible. Cook in the oven or in a crock pot and serve with green beans. Mashed potatoes have always been a staple with this meal, but if you are cutting out potatoes, you can always try mashed cauliflower or something like that. I’ve never tried it, so let us know how it is. I’ll just cheat and have the mashed potatoes once or twice a month.

10 More Low Carb Meal Ideas for Atkins, Paleo Diet, and Losing Weight


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