Easter Egg Nail Art Designs for Spring

Try these Easter Egg nail art designs at home!Springtime is full of new life and pretty colors. You can create fun Easter egg nail art designs for Easter and the spring season. This pretty spring manicure turns each of your nails into tiny, intricate Easter eggs using pretty spring nail polish colors. Creating your own spring or Easter manicure can be so much cheaper and more fun than getting a professional manicure for spring. Consider these easy steps to create your own Easter egg nails for springtime.

Before getting started, first gather these nail art materials to help you decorate your nails like Easter eggs for spring.

Easter Egg Nail Art Materials
•    Pastel nail polish or bright nail polish (I used the Justin Bieber collection from Nicole by OPI and the new OPI Texas collection)
•    Nail art brushes or toothpicks
•    Nail adornments like rhinestones and tiny pearls (optional)
•    Nail polish remover
•    Cotton balls
•    Paper towels to protect your work space

Easter Egg Nail Design Steps
To create your own DIY Easter egg nail designs for spring, follow these steps:

Make pretty DIY Easter nails at home for spring nail art.1.    Remove any old nail polish using cotton balls and nail polish remover.

2.    Wash your hands to remove nail polish remover residue.

3.    Paint your nails with your desired background color as a base color for your Easter egg nails. You can paint them all the same color or totally different colors for even more fun. I used Baby Blue, One Time Lime, and My Lifesaver. You may need to paint two coats or more to achieve desired nail coverage.

4.    Using a toothpick or thin nail art brush, begin adding details to your nails, such as stripes and zigzags that go across your nail. (Your entire nail serves as the Easter egg.) I used OPI’s Texas Sorbet collection as well as I’m a Belieber from OPI by Nicole.

5.    Using the point of a toothpick or a nail art marbling tool (a thin brush may work too), add polka dots wherever you like, especially in between lines and zigzags on your Easter egg nails.

6.    Consider adding nail art adornments like rhinestones and tiny pearls for really special, intricate Easter egg nail art designs.

7.    When you’re done decorating your Easter egg nails, simply paint a clear topcoat on all your nails to seal and protect.

Make pretty DIY Easter nails at home for spring nail art.

As I mentioned, I used the Justin Bieber “One Less Lonely Girl” collection by Nicole by OPI to create this Easter nails look, with accents using nail colors from the OPI Texas “Sorbet” collection. These are really fun nail colors with expert coverage and application. The Texas sorbet collection features more translucent shades that are bright and fun with a glossy, shiny finish. I look forward to using them this spring and fall. The Justin Bieber collection also has a lot of colors I can see myself using throughout the year. The combination of these two collections gave me a perfect palette for creating fun and unique Easter egg nail art designs.

Have you made your own manicures or pedicures for Easter? Tell us about them in our comments. In partnership with our sister site, DIY Nail Designs, you can also send us an email with a photo of your Easter nails that you created yourself and we’ll send you some free Fimo nail art slices you can add to your nails in spring and summer!

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