Waterproof Blue Mascara Showdown: Mavala Eye-Lite Waterproof Blue Mascara vs. Dior Diorshow Waterproof Blue Mascara

Christian Dior DiorShow Blue Waterproof MascaraWay back in high school and college, I rocked the waterproof blue mascara like it was the trend of the year. I don’t actually recall anyone else wearing it besides me, now that I think about it, but I loved how it made my [boring] brown eyes more exciting, dramatic, and fun. The pop of color from the blue mascara was just perfect, and the waterproof aspect ensured long wear and resilience through any sad moments, expected or not. Just before I turned 30 this year I decided I needed to relive my heyday and try the blue waterproof mascara on for size one more time.

To my dismay, my old favorite product, Revlon waterproof navy mascara, was no longer on the market. I’ve used the Maybelline blue washable (non-waterproof) mascara and have been less than impressed. So what’s a girl to do when she’s got her heart set on a particular look within a rapidly approaching time period?

Blue Waterproof Mascara ShowdownI scoured the Web high and low until I found (hopefully) suitable replacements to my long-discontinued favorite waterproof blue mascara product. What I found did not live up to my expectations as a true replacement, but I am happier with these options than not having product at all. I guess old favorites die hard. At any rate, these products can and do work well enough if you’ve got a hankering for a new look using blue mascara that won’t wipe off with a few tears, rain, sweat, etc.

I spent a lot more money on these two blue mascaras than what I was used to spending on the old Revlon blue waterproof mascara. Since that isn’t around anymore, I figured I had to step it up if I wanted to relive my glory days of blue eyelashes. So I tested both Mavala Eye-Lite Waterproof Blue Mascara and Diorshow Waterproof Blue Mascara to hopefully end up with at least one suitable product. Well, after trying both blue mascaras on multiple occasions, here are my critiques:

Mavala Eye-Lite Waterproof Blue Mascara
Mavala Blue Waterproof MascaraIf you aren’t ready for va-va-voom blue mascara, but still want to test the azure waters on your eyelashes, consider Mavala Switzerland Eye-Lite Waterproof Blue Mascara. This blue hue is more of a navy blue color for your eyelashes. I like the mascara for the most part. It offers excellent coverage for top lashes with only minimal coverage for lower lashes. I had to apply probably two or three coats of Mavala blue mascara before I was happy with the results.

Here are some of the product specs for Mavala Blue Waterproof Mascara:
•    Contains silk proteins
•    Strengthens and protects
•    Thickens and lengthens
•    Quick drying
•    Smear-proof
•    Easy to apply
•    Curved professional brush

Mavala Blue Waterproof MascaraAgain the blue color is not as intense as you might expect for a blue mascara. It is almost more of a blue-black, but still offers enough blue sheen to notice. I purchased this product on Amazon.com for about $12 or $13 and received it fairly quickly. Having thin lashes that need good coverage, I am happy enough with this product that I would buy this blue waterproof mascara again if I decide to keep wearing colored mascara beyond this year.

Dior Diorshow Waterproof Blue Mascara…

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