Contemporary Wool Clothing for Warm Weather – Ibex

Ibex Indie Cross-Back Dress WoolGone are the days when you could only wear wool clothes in the winter. Wool may not sound like a hot fashion, but you’d be surprised at the styles, colors, and cuts that are in fact made of wool. From shirts to skirts and even sundresses, you can find countless fashions that are contemporary and sexy – and made of wool!

I received two wool dresses from Ibex for the purpose of review, and gosh are they fun and lovely. One dress is similar to a tunic, with long sleeves, pockets, and a hood. It’s a pretty ash grey color, very soft, and provides just enough coverage for spring and fall weather, or cool boardwalk nights in the summer. The dress is cute and fun, offering a nice change from the standard dress style and fabric.

Ibex Indie Cross-Back Dress WoolThe second dress was one of my favorite wool fashion finds ever – a fun and summery blue dress with a crisscross in the back. The Indie Cross Back Dress in Star Blue from Ibex features a main color that is in between royal and navy with a fun purple accent. The dress itself came down to a little below my knees. The blue wool dress became one of my favorite beach dresses in Aruba on my recent vacation. I honestly could never guess it was made of wool if I hadn’t read the label. The dress kept me cool in the sun and provided just enough warmth when the storms and winds came through. I especially loved the sexy cross back and spaghetti type straps.

According to Ibex, wool is a “naturally versatile fiber” that allows it to be crafted for performance, comfort, and style. Wool is also a renewable resource, making it a smart and eco-friendly choice for Earth Day shopping or anytime you want to do your part to help save the planet. The wool fibers used to create Ibex fabrics and garments are very small micron diameter fibers, ensuring the ultimate in comfort and soft texture.

Ibex wool offers great temperature control, wicking moisture away from the body and evaporating it, helping to keep you comfortable no matter what the weather. The soft wool fabric of Ibex and Ibex Indie products allows you to get away with so many fashion options, especially layering if you need some additional layers of warmth.

You might not expect this, but wool is also easily machine washable. The fabric fends off stains and washes easily. I threw my blue wool dress in with other blue clothing in cold water in the washer and it came out as good as new!

I think the Star Blue color may be retired already, but you can get this cross-back dress in incredible shades of violet, black, or shell on I think I like the violet shade even better than the dress I have! This dress is soft, flirty, and fun for most summery occasions. I highly recommend it!


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