Sparkle Eyeliners – Cargo Boogie Nights Eye Pencil Set Review

Sparkle Eyeliners by Cargo Cosmetics Product ReviewColored eyeliner can be a lot of fun when dressing up for a special occasion or just trying to change your look for a new season or a new you. Adding sparkle to black or colored eyeliner makes it even more fun and daring, with dramatic eyes only moments away. Cargo Boogie Nights Eye Pencils are the best sparkle eyeliners I have tried to date. They are perfect for holidays, girls nights out, and just about any fun special occasion. I received a free set of Cargo Boogie Night Eye Pencils to review and here are my thoughts.

The Cargo Boogie Nights set includes a clear and chrome plastic case with five different sparkle eye pencils – silver, navy, purple, black, and teal. The pencils are mini sized compared to the usual long eyeliner pencils you might know from various stores, but since there are five of them, it is very easy to rotate through the colors without running out of makeup too fast. Each colored eyeliner pencil has its own clear plastic cap and a smooth, crayon-like tip.

Sparkle Eyeliners by Cargo Cosmetics Product ReviewCargo Boogie Nights eyeliner pencils apply evenly and smoothly with glitter sparkles in every application. I especially enjoy using these eye pencils during special occasions like New Year’s Eve, Christmas, birthdays, and other social outings. The teal color is bright and a lot of fun to use, adding a pop of color to your eyes. The purple and navy blue colors work especially well with my brown eyes, but I enjoy the whole set and the versatility of using sparkly colored eyeliners whenever I want.

Sparkle Eyeliners by Cargo Cosmetics Product Review
Sparkle Eyeliners by Cargo Cosmetics Product Review

These products by Cargo Cosmetics are made in Germany and have a shelf life of about three years. I find them to hold up well and I enjoy using them for a change in pace from my usual makeup.

You can buy Cargo cosmetics online at a variety of beauty retailers as well as at for $35.


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