Review of Telebrands HeelTastic Intensive Heel Therapy Product for Cracked, Dry Feet

TeleBrands HeelTastic product review for feetI apply lotion like mad, I wear socks most of the time, and I take good care of my body in general. Dry skin and not-so-soft feet still tend to be issues for me, so I am always looking for miracle cures to help my feet stay soft and smooth for good. I recently received a sample of Telebrands HeelTastic product in a goodie bag from an event I attended for United Cerebral Palsy. I misplaced the product for a little while, but I found it the other day and started using it almost every night now that spring is here. I want my feet to be ready for flip-flops and pedicures!

HeelTastic claims to make dry, cracked heels disappear. Here’s news for you – it ain’t lying. I am so excited to report that after only two or three applications, I noticed marked improvement in the quality of my skin and the softness of my heels and feet in general. I really am impressed with the immediate results I noticed in such a short time.

TeleBrands HeelTastic product review for feetSo now for some details…. First of all, my feet really aren’t too bad, just a little rougher than I’d like. I don’t have any splitting or really bad heels or anything like that. However, I always apply lotion before going anywhere barefoot and I still notice my feet aren’t as smooth as I’d like, in general. I am really excited about the results I’m getting with HeelTastic. From what I know, the product is very affordable for the quality of results it provides. I also find the fragrance pleasant enough – sort of citrusy with a really organic kind of aroma.

Applying the HeelTastic product is very different than any other I’ve used! It is quite a bit like a glue stick, if you remember using them in art class as a kid. The product itself is emollient and coats the skin on your feet nicely and evenly. Simply apply the HeelTastic like you are getting ready to glue something to the bottom of your foot. Then I apply socks and go about my day. Later when I get changed or get ready for bed, my feet are softer and smoother. I have also applied the foot smoothing product before bed a few times with desirable results.

The active ingredient in Telebrands HeelTastic is the skin protectant dimethicone. HeelTastic also contains coconut fruit oil, soybean wax, beeswax, neem, and a proprietary blend of essential oils, among other ingredients. The product packaging contains a disclaimer warning users to use caution when walking after applying the product as it may increase the possibility of a slip and fall. Like I said, I usually wear socks or apply it right before bed, so I haven’t had any issues.

I am a firm believer that HeelTastic works. I also love how fast it works and I would recommend it to anyone. My sister is also a fan and really saw results as well. If you have dry, cracked, or rough feet, give HeelTastic a try for feet that are touchable and sexy!

You can find HeelTastic at stores like Bed Bath and Beyond and online at various retailers. The product retails for $9.99. For more information about TeleBrands HeelTastic, please see

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