Burgundy Hair Color Tips and Ideas

The burgundy hair color is an alluring shade that shows you aren’t afraid to speak your mind and express yourself. Burgundy colored hair makes a statement no matter what the haircut or hairstyle, giving you a fashionable look for every season. If you’ve already dyed your hair a pretty purple, red, or wine color, you know how much fun it can be to wear a daring shade. If you are considering dyeing your hair burgundy, consider these tips and tricks to help you choose a color and style that works best for you.

Burgundy Hair Color Ideas

Shake things up a little with a fresh, new burgundy hair color! You can really change your look when you dye your hair to this amazing shade. Before you make such a dramatic hair color change, though, consider checking with your favorite local hair salon to get their take on your best hair color. Experts say that women with skin tones ranging from medium to a deep, cool skin tone are most likely to look great with burgundy hair or highlights.

Remember, when you are dyeing your hair at home or having your hair professionally dyed, you have countless options for colors and in-between shades. When it comes to bold maroon colors, you can choose from burgundy wine hair color, burgundy purple hair color, and burgundy red hair color, not to mention black burgundy hair color. More specifically, these colors may have special names like black cherry, chocolate cherry, mahogany, wine, and others. Several factors may help identify which of these individual shades may work best for you. Consider your skin tone, eye color, and your existing hair color as you prepare to make a dramatic change to your appearance.

Hair Color at Home or at the Salon
Your comfort level with dyeing your own hair will help you decide if you should go to the hairdresser to have your hair coloring done or if you can handle dyeing your own hair at home. If you plan to dye your hair at home, you will find many options for home hair dye kits and products, such as burgundy henna hair dye, Garnier Nutrisse burgundy hair color, and L’Oreal Feria Haircolor in Blowout Burgundy.

When you dye your hair at home, it is very important to read all the directions and follow them closely. You will probably test a small area before dyeing your entire head. If you are nervous about coloring your hair at home, consider having a friend, sister, or your mom over to help you. When all else fails, head over to the salon for a really professional wine, red, or purple dye job.

Burgundy Hairstyle Design
Once you’ve selected the shade you want to sport, you still have one important decision ahead of you. What hairstyle can live up to the fun and dynamic shade of wine in your hair? The beauty of the burgundy hairstyle and color is that you can truly spice up your life with this style and dye job. Choose an edgy cut with fun angles or a romantic and feminine style. Consider long, flowing curls or a crisp bob hairstyle that really shows off your new color. Pick a pin-straight style that goes great with your school girl routine and your sexy eyeglasses.

When in doubt about what to do with your hair, burgundy or not, check out what the celebrities are doing. Review magazines and browse websites for tips and burgundy hair color pictures to help you decide if you can pull off this drastic change from your standard hair color. Whatever you decide, have fun with your new look!

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