Choosing Flower Girl Dresses

Flower Girl DressesNieces, young cousins, and the daughters of your dearest friends traditionally make the best flower girls. Choosing flower girl dresses for these special young ladies is a task that goes hand in hand with choosing bridesmaid dresses. Flower girls are essentially mini bridesmaids, after all, decked out in lovely gowns with flowers and adorable hairstyles. Some flower girls may even wear a touch of nail polish and lipstick!

If you are trying to find flower girl dresses for the little cuties in your wedding, remember that the decision truly rests in your own preferences. Consider these different tips to help you choose a dress for your flower girl.

Tips for Selecting Flower Girl Dresses
Use these tips to help you find dresses for flower girls that would be suitable for your own wedding:

Flower Girl Dresses•    Decide whether you want your flower girl to wear white or to match the bridal party. Some brides choose to dress the flower girl up like a miniature bride, decked out in a white dress with white shoes and all. Other brides opt for flower girl dresses that match the color scheme of the bridesmaid dresses. You can even find flower girl dresses in the same color and fabric as your bridesmaid dresses – just be sure to choose a less sexy dress style for the little one.

•    Consider the weather during your wedding season. If the weather may be overly hot or terribly cold, keep the flower girl’s dress style in mind. Sleeve length, gown length, and fabric type all come into play in regards to temperature.

•    Look for flower girl gowns that can be worn again. While this isn’t necessary, it’s certainly appreciated by the mother of the flower girl. (The flower girls in my wedding are sisters and both got to wear their flower girl dresses for Christmas that year.)

•    If your wedding has a theme, consider your options. You might enjoy ballerina flower girl dresses or beach wedding flower girl dresses, depending on your unique wedding theme. Beach flower girl dresses can be especially fun if your niece or other special kiddo is coming to your beach or destination wedding.

Flower Girl Dresses•    Keep the cost of the flower girl dress in mind. Decide whether you will treat your flower girl to her dress or if you expect her mom to pick up the cost for dress, shoes, etc.

•    Browse through bridesmaid dress catalogs and discover what you like. Many dressmakers make flower girl dresses as well as bridesmaid gowns. (Alfred Angelo flower girl dresses are available in a breathtaking number of colors and styles, and the quality is phenomenal.) Call the shop to address any questions you may have.

•    If you are close with your flower girl, consider shopping together. You and your little princess can go shopping together for flower girl dresses. She can try them on so you can see exactly how the dress will look in real life.

Flower Girl DressesIf you have other close relatives who should be included in the wedding but are too young to be a bridesmaid and too old to be a flower girl, you can always consider the role of junior bridesmaids. This is a lovely fit for preteens and ‘tweens with whom you’re close. You can surely find a nice selection of gowns for the whole bridal party!

One final option for your flower girl dresses – if you know a professional seamstress or someone who has an excellent knack for sewing, you might consider asking her to do handmade flower girl dresses for you. Whatever you decide, enjoy these fun planning phases of your wedding!

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