Black Wedding Dresses for a Dramatic Change of Pace

Black wedding dresses - what do you think?Wedding trends have come a long way from days of white dresses, white shoes, and white bouquets. Black wedding dresses, while dramatic and bold, and red wedding dresses, also daring beyond words, are now more common among a bride’s choices of wedding day attire than ever before. Of course there are still options for cream, off-white, and pink wedding dresses, among others, but it is the black wedding dress that stops the show and causes all the guests to stare.

The color of your wedding dress no longer means the same as what wedding guests once traditionally believed. The color of your dress no more indicates your virginity status than blowing out all your birthday candles means your wish will come true. Of course, that’s not to say that people don’t still question it or believe in it, but women are truly no longer shackled to white and off-white wedding gowns.

Options for Black Wedding Dresses

Black wedding dresses - what do you think?While black wedding gowns will surely be a perfect fit for a gothic wedding, you can absolutely find a classy ball gown or sleek wedding dress for your own nuptials. It may be challenging to find black wedding dresses when you visit the various boutiques, but a few phone calls and some searching online should help you to find a few choices for your special day. In a worst case scenario, you can also look into hiring a professional dressmaker to craft an original black wedding gown for you.

If you would like to wear a classy black wedding dress for your special day, you consider everything from simple black wedding dresses to ball gown style black wedding dresses. No matter if you love lace, organza, satin, or taffeta, these wedding fashions will look great in the most slimming color ever – black.

Of course, if you aren’t ready to go full throttle into the world of black bridal gowns, you might consider two-tone wedding gowns. You can find black and ivory wedding dresses as well as black and white dresses for a truly classy and upscale occasion. These should be easier to find than pure black wedding dresses. Gowns of this style and color scheme allow you to keep part of the traditional aspect of wedding attire while also kicking things up a notch with a more contemporary fashion. If you want to keep your look very basic, you can even consider white or other colored wedding dresses with black accents.

For a more traditional look, you can stick with a white or off-white wedding dress that has some kind of neat black accents. You might find bridal gowns with beading or crystals, laced up sides or corseted back, ribbons or sash, or even embroidery. The level of embellishment is really up to you. Also, you will find that many brides are turning to colored wedding dresses, especially red wedding gowns, purple wedding gowns, and white or ivory gowns with colorful accents that match the bridesmaid dresses. Even if you aren’t ready to commit to such a dramatic change, you can also wear colored wedding shoes under your gown for a fun secret and memorable photo opp on your special day.

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