Hot Trends in Women’s Hairstyles for 2011

New hairstyles for 2011 find inspiration in older throwback styles as well as new celebrity hairstyles and whatever’s popular in Hollywood. Women’s hair accessories are also a hot fashion right now, with many ladies opting for fringe, feathers, braids, and other exciting adornments to the standard hairstyle. Blast from the past hairstyles are as hot as ever, with many women wanting to sport the bob hairstyle, wedge haircut like Dorothy Hamill, and even 80’s hairstyles!

We’ve asked the hair experts to give us a glimpse of the hot new hairstyles for 2011 and this is what they had to say:

2011 Celebrity Styles Going Mainstream
Celebrity-inspired looks continue to top the charts for what women want in their new hairstyles for 2011. Just think about browsing celebrity gossip sites on the Web or paging through your favorite magazines. You are bound to see the likes of Rihanna, Ashlee Simpson, and Jennifer Aniston. Eva Green hairstyles are also a popular search frenzy this month. These celebrity hairstyles are some of the most searched hairdos for 2011 according to Yahoo! Search.

Rihanna Hairstyles for 2011
Yahoo! Searches shows many searches for Rihanna hairstyles being requested by lots of girls under the age of 18, as well as some older women. Rihanna’s sexy and sassy short hairstyles seem to resonate with the younger crowd and the young-at-heart looking for a fun and playful haircut to enjoy in 2011.

Ashlee Simpson Hairstyle 2011
This year shows Ashlee Simpson’s short blond hairstyle as a fast favorite for new hairstyles in 2011. Young adults are searching most for this women’s hairstyle. This short, boyish cut turns ultra glam with a little styling and a sparkling smile. The blond hair color makes a dramatic statement compared to Ashlee Simpson’s earlier hairstyles, ranging from jet black to auburn and everything in between. Ashlee Simpson’s is just one of many celebrity short hairstyles to consider for 2011.

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle
From her Friends era, Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyles have been desired by many women time and again. “The Rachel” is still a popular haircut with lovely layers and a medium length that can appeal to just about anyone’s hair color and face shape. The 2011 Jennifer Aniston hairstyle is a bit different – a sort of longer bob hairstyle that is popular this year in searches by middle aged women.

“It [the bob] has to be done right,” Celebrity Stylist Sam Brocato says. “Proportion is everything, and I’m not sure Jennifer has nailed it. A little shorter and this cut would have been a modern statement.”

More Celebrity Hairstyle Tips for 2011
Amy Quackenbush, owner and stylist of Adele Salon, agrees that celebrity women’s haircut and color trends are hot for 2011.

“One of my favorite things about hair nowadays is that truly anything goes,” she says. “It’s your attitude and personality that makes the cut. I think we will still see the long, soft hair on women, but I also think you will be seeing some shorter styles make a comeback. Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan are wearing short hair amazingly well, while Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are a great example of longer locks with texture.

“I personally love the Ombre hair coloring technique that is all over Hollywood right now, and see it as a continuing trend.”

Quackenbush adds that natural texture is more commonly accepted by women, and that they are finally starting to work with hair’s texture instead of against it.

“People will start adding texture to hair again (yes perms!), but not in that 1989 way,” she says.

Hair Accessories Big in 2011 – Feather Extensions, Fringe, and More
The haircut and hairstyle will only take you so far. Adding hair accessories to your styles is a big women’s hair trend for 2011. Licensed Cosmetologist and Hairstylist Christina Pastore strongly recommends unique hair accessories and fashions as a great way to freshen up your hairstyle this year.

“The Ombré was a really fun trend; however, I think that we will be seeing less of it and more BOLD changes… with LOTS of hair accessories: fringe, feathers, braids, just hair flair,” Pastore says.

Feather hair extensions can be a fun way to add color with a bold result. Danielle Wade, owner of Asteria Salon in Denver, offers feather hair extensions as a popular add-on to her hair services. Hair feather extensions surprisingly are easy to maintain – simply continue with your usual washing, blow drying, curling, and straightening. Feather hair extensions at Asteria employ top-quality rooster feathers that are attached to hair’s root, much like with standard hair extensions. These feathering extensions are also easily removed when the time comes.

Feather hair extensions can range from bold colors like turquoise, red, yellow, and fuchsia, to natural highlights and lowlights, offering unlimited possibilities for your creative hairstyles. The locks of feathered extensions usually last for about four weeks.

Short Hairstyles for 2011… The Bob Hairstyle and Pixie Cut…

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