Great Gifts for Clients, Colleagues, or Small Business Owners

Some people tend to be impossible to shop for… and when it comes to selecting the perfect gift, we’re often left scrambling to find a cheese and crackers set or a box of chocolates or high-end candy at the last minute. Shopping for your colleagues, clients, and small business owners doesn’t have to be as stressful as it can be, though. If you know a little bit about your recipient, you're set!With some decent lead time and some careful contemplation, you can nail down a great gift with less effort than you would expect!

As you select a gift for your client, colleague, or small business owner or associate, bear in mind that you’ll want to avoid duplicating or tripling any gift items they may already have – for example coffee mugs and desk clocks. While it may seem like a fabulous idea to present your recipient with a lovely new mobile phone or a digital camera, you’d best do your homework to ensure they don’t already have one!

Here are some suggestions to aid your quest for the perfect present for small business owners and business associates. Consider these gift ideas or use them to help you come up with your own idea. Good luck!

1. NEAT Receipts™ scanning unit – For people whose clutter runs their lives, a paper-eliminating device may be the ultimate gift of liberation. NEAT Receipts is a handy and helpful device that connects to computers with a simple USB cord. The device scans receipts, business cards, and documents of just about any kind, converting them to digital JPEG or PDF files.

Digital document management at its finest!The scanning device is slim and slender, offering great portability and easy storage. It comes with its own soft sleeve case (great for business travel) or storage inside your laptop case for anytime use. The NEAT Receipts software allows you to search for keywords within the documents you scan, making your job easier on the reporting end. The software also employs “Smart Sorting™”, which automatically organizes the documents you scan.

NEAT Receipts allows you to export your scanned data into Microsoft Outlook®, Excel®, Word®, Money®, QuickBooks®, Quicken®, TurboTax®, csv, vCard, Plaxo®, HTML, and more. The digital scans are accepted by the IRS and retain the integrity of the original receipts to prevent fraud. NEAT Receipts makes it easy for anyone to prepare expense reports for tax time, store contact information through scanned business cards, and to eliminate the need for many paper documents.

Best of all, the ease of using this device makes it easy for business owners and associates to keep track of receipts without tossing them all into a shoebox, causing more clutter. For more information on NEAT Receipts, see:

2. Noise Cancellation / Noise Reduction Headphones or Earphones – This gift can be invaluable for the frequent flier. Slap on a pair of noise cancellation headphones or earphones and relax as you drown out the sounds of the airplane and other passengers around you. They also work amazingly well with an MP3 player, CD player, laptop computer, portable DVD player, or other electronic audio device.

Depending on your prospective recipient’s wearing preference, you can choose from full ear-covering headphones like BOSE Acoustic Noice Cancellation® headphones (my husband highly recommends the Bose® QuietComfort® 2 Acoustic Noise Cancellation Headphones) or tiny, foam-tip earphones that fit comfortably in the ear, such as Hearing Components’ Comply™ NR-10 High Tech Noise Reduction Earphones.

The Bose QC2s feature rotating ear cups, an adjustable headband, replaceable ear cushions, a battery light indicator, high and low settings, extension cord, power switch, and more, all packed within a sturdy, padded and zippered carrying case. These headphones are a rather high-end item, costing around $300 and up, depending on the retailer.Business travelers love noise reduction!

I enjoy using my NR-10s with my iPod or during Web-based training on the computer so I can fully drown out the sounds around me and focus on learning…or relaxing. The earphones offer a convenient volume switch on the cord, allowing you to turn down the volume at an instant’s notice. The Comply™ Canal Tips are patented and crafted from soft, durable foam that blocks out the noise comfortably and effectively. Product documentation states these tips are three times softer than human skin!

When I wear these handy earphones, I just squish the foam tips between my fingers gently before use, and they expand slowly for a perfect fit in my ears. Comply foam tips are available in different sizes that all expand for the best fit. Replacement packs are offered for when the foam tips have reached their full lifetime potential. For most people, one set of foam tips can last up to three months. Comply NR-10 earphones retail for roughly $70 – $80. For more information, check out:

3. Digital Photo Frame…

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