Best Honeymoon Cruise Ideas

Your honeymoon is the one chance you have to take a long, luxurious vacation with all the stops pulled, whether you go on a honeymoon cruise or kick back at an island resort. Soak up more luxury and extravagance on this trip than all your other vacations put together. The best honeymoon cruise ideas are those that you come up with when you’re speaking with your fiancé. Consider these tips to help you plan an unforgettable honeymoon cruise vacation.

While a cheap honeymoon cruise can save you a lot of money, your trip may work out better if you start saving for your honeymoon ahead of time so you can still enjoy some luxurious activities, meals, and experiences. If you are still heart-set on a cheap honeymoon cruise, consider an all-inclusive honeymoon cruise as a great compromise. You can save a lot of money without sacrificing the quality of your trip and your romantic vacation experience together.

Top 5 Honeymoon Cruise Ideas

Here are a few honeymoon cruise destinations to consider for your first vacation as husband and wife.

1.    Alaska Honeymoon Cruise – Check out killer whales (orcas) and sparkling waters like you’ve never seen. Be sure to do your research first about the best time of year to visit Alaska, and make sure you pack appropriately for the temperatures.

2.    Hawaii Honeymoon Cruise – Who wouldn’t love a cruise through the Hawaiian Isles?! This tropical paradise destination makes the perfect honeymoon hotspot as a cruise or a weeklong vacation in one spot. Go for the cruise so you can get a taste of all the different islands and then come back to your favorite island for your anniversary in a few years!

3.    Caribbean Honeymoon Cruise – Usually a little cheaper and a little closer to home, a Caribbean honeymoon cruise may be the perfect balance for your budget and your urge to do something tropical and romantic. With so many islands to see, you can plan a nice, long honeymoon cruise and get the most bang for your buck.

4.    European Honeymoon Cruise – If history and culture are your idea of fun, consider a romantic cruise through Europe. Check out a lot of the major cities and enjoy everything your cruise line has to offer. Try to hit up Italy, Ireland, London, and Paris if you can swing it. Just imagine all the different types of cuisine you’ll savor on your romantic vacation!

5.    Disney Cruise Honeymoon – For the kids at heart a Disney cruise honeymoon never gets old. Plan your trip so you can see all that Disney has to offer, and consider extending it if you want to take a short jaunt to the Bahamas or another nearby island destination. The Disney cruise may have its own Mickey Mouse premium when it comes to cost, but the experience won’t leave you short for memories or happy adventures.

Once you’ve got everything booked, the real fun begins – counting down the days! Don’t forget to pack your bags about a week in advance so you have time to finish your laundry and buy anything you’re missing. It should also help you to avoid forgetting something important. Whether you choose a cheap honeymoon cruise, an all-inclusive honeymoon cruise, or one of the exotic excursions mentioned above, we hope your honeymoon is truly spectacular and full of romantic memories.

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