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Red Wedding Dresses for a Glamorous Wedding

Red is one of those beloved colors. Red grabs attention, it screams sexy, bold, and in some cultures may be considered a color for good luck. Beautiful red wedding dresses may not be especially common in your favorite bridal magazines, but the right red wedding gown can be an unforgettable part of your wedding ceremony and reception. Ballroom style red wedding dresses are like something out of a perfect fairy tale, but you can make them your own reality by considering such a dress for your own bridal attire.

Red wedding dresses are available in many styles and price points. You should be able to find a few cheap red wedding dresses, but remember the pricing goes up with quality and one-of-a-kind nature. You may get lucky in your search through dozens of red wedding dresses or you may have to spring for a personal dressmaker to create your picture-perfect dream wedding gown.

Where to Buy Red Wedding Dresses
Before you get ahead of yourself, consider what shade of red you want in your red wedding dress. You may find the reds out there range a bit from scarlet to burgundy with other shades available as well. Red and white wedding dresses and some wedding dresses with red accents are also common in this classy and dramatic style of wedding fashion. You should also consider the fabrics you like as well as the styles – neckline, ruching, and so forth.

Once you are ready to buy a red wedding dress, your best bet is to do a few searches online to help you locate the perfect dress. Check your favorite designers and bridal magazines first and then try a search on Google Images for an easy way to find the styles you like. Maggie Sottero red wedding dresses would be a great place to start, as this designer offers countless styles with fancy adornments and gorgeous, princess-like silhouettes. Alfred Angelo red and white wedding dresses are exquisite as well, often offering a perfect complement to the wide array of Alfred Angelo bridesmaid gowns in the same hue of red.

These are just two well-known wedding gown designers, but you can surely find a wide array of dresses and designers to consider. You can even find red wedding dresses on Amazon!

Red Wedding Dresses Not Your Thing?
If you aren’t bold or comfortable enough to consider red wedding dresses for yourself, you still have a few options to keep the color red as part of your special day. For one thing, you can find plenty of wedding dresses with red accents – sashes, corset style lacing, and other adornments. Red and white wedding dresses can be a lot of fun, most especially when the color scheme coordinates perfectly with what your bridesmaids are wearing.

Wearing red wedding shoes is another option – after all, if your dress is long, no one has to know. Or you can always flaunt your colored wedding shoes!

If you want to wear a more traditional white, ivory, or diamond white wedding gown, you could always dress your bridesmaids in red, especially if you love the color. Red bridesmaid dresses look fantastic around Christmastime or in the fall or summer with the right wedding flowers.


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