How to Do Your Own Nail Polish Designs Using Toothpicks

Not everyone can afford a trip to the nail salon every week, and even if you can, there’s just something to be said for using your own creativity to come up with nail polish designs on your own at home. It’s even better if you can use everyday materials to make your own nail art. My most favorite nail polish design I ever created was a miniature Philadelphia Flyers logo that I painted only on my pinky nail using a toothpick! I wish I had thought to take a photo – this is going back at least seven or eight years – but at least I can still explain how you can make your own easy nail polish designs at home.

Gather up your favorite nail art supplies, nail polish colors, and a few toothpicks. Don’t forget paper towels, cotton balls, and nail polish remover. Now we’re ready to get started!


Easy Nail Polish Designs Using a Toothpick
When you don’t have nail art brushes on hand, you can still create beautiful and fun nail polish designs using toothpicks. This is quite an economical way to get your own pretty nail polish designs at home! Here are some tips on how to use a toothpick to create easy nail polish designs:

•    Treat the toothpick like a little nail art brush. Use it to pick up nail polish on the tip and drag it around to create fun designs.

•    Use the tip of the toothpick as a nail dotting tool. Just a little dab of nail polish should help you to create a variety of sizes of polka dots or spots on your nails.

•    Use the side of the toothpick to make straight line or plaid nail art. To create straight lines, you can use the length of the toothpick and press it across the surface of your nail. This may get messy, but it can help if your hands aren’t that steady when you try to paint a straight line freehand. An even easier technique is to use a small piece of string to create striped or plaid appearance on your nails.

•    Switch to a new toothpick for each new color. This prevents your nail polish designs from blending together.

•    Take your time! Practice does make toothpick nail art easier over time. If you mess up too badly, just remove the nail polish on that particular nail and start over!

Ideas for Black Nail Polish Designs
Black nail polish designs can be anything from goth to classy. It all depends on the theme of your nail art and how you wear it! Here are a few suggestions and ideas for black nail polish designs you can create at home.

•    Black dog nail art
•    Black Shatter nail art and manicures
•    Classy initials or abstract nail designs
•    Graduation Cap nail art designs
•    Halloween nail designs (black cat, bat, witch’s hat)
•    Silhouette nail designs
•    Simple black manicure

Ideas for White Nail Polish Designs
White nail polish designs can be just as much fun as black ones! Here are a few suggestions for white nail art to try at home:

•    Bunny nail art
•    Daisy nail designs
•    Diamond nail designs
•    Pastel nails with white “M” like M&Ms candies
•    Snowflake or snowman nail art
•    White silhouette nails
•    Simple white manicure

Black and White Nail Polish Designs
If you want the best of both worlds, here are some suggestions for black and white nail polish designs:

•    Black and white plaid nail designs
•    Yin-Yang nail art designs
•    Newspaper nail art designs
•    Border collie or Dalmatian nail designs
•    Panda nail designs
•    Penguin nail designs
•    Tuxedo nail designs
•    Zebra stripe nails

Nail Polish Designs for Kids
Even little girls love a pretty manicure or pedicure as they are growing up. Usually the best technique when doing nail polish designs for kids is to find a way to get your child to sit still, put on a favorite movie or cartoon, and then get to work. Find some kids’ nail polish and consider these tips on nail polish designs for kids!

•    Find kids’ nail polish! Since little girls’ nails are still so tiny, you should find nail polish with a small brush for best results. There are a number of kids’ nail polish products out there. Even Nicole by OPI has a smaller brush that applies the nail polish smoothly and evenly, even on small nails.

•    Look for nontoxic formulas for your child. The best thing to do is find a nail polish that has as few chemicals as possible, especially for your growing daughter. Look around for nail polish products without toluene, formaldehyde, parabens, and the like.

•    Start with something simple. Paint all the nails a different bright color. Paint a smiley face or a small flower on one nail. If your child wants a more elaborate manicure and you are up for it, try something like watermelon nails using the French manicure technique – bright pink base color, bright green tips, and use the toothpick to add black speckles for the seeds! These are perfect summer nail designs for any age.

These are just a few tips to get you started with easy nail polish designs at home, and especially in painting nail art using a toothpick. If you have other suggestions for easy nail art, black nail art, white nail designs, or nail painting for kids, please leave us a comment so all our readers can benefit.

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