Sweet Treats and Edible Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day sneaks up on us so quickly sometimes. For me this year is one of those times. Sweet treats and gifts of chocolate, baked goods, and other yummy goodies can be a fantastic last-minute gift idea for mom on Mother’s Day. You can choose anything from authentic Italian butter cookies to frozen chocolate croissants from Williams-Sonoma. (I’ve had these and they are phenomenal.) You can satisfy Mom’s every craving, from chocolate to baked goods to sweet wines and everything in between. Here are some additional suggestions for sweet treats for Mother’s Day gifts.

Give your mom the gift of indulgence this Mother’s Day with any of these delectable treats!

Guylian Belgian Chocolates
What mom doesn’t love chocolates? Consider the delightful selection of Belgian chocolate from Guylian, a company rated extremely high on customer satisfaction in Amazon reviews. These chocolates are adorable to look at too, if you can resist popping them in your mouth on first sight. Shaped like little seahorses and an assortment of seashells, there’s so much to love about these delicious chocolate delicacies besides the taste alone.

Guylian Belgian Chocolates are available in a wide variety of flavors and styles, including their Original Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells. Choose dark chocolate for the wine connoisseur or milk chocolate for the all-American mom. Don’t feel bad if you are tempted to order one of the minis for yourself – you can also get the dark chocolate or milk chocolate seahorses in a smaller size that is perfect for personal snacking or inclusion in a chocolate or wine themed gift basket. You can also find bars of chocolate (as well as no-sugar-added bars) and individually wrapped truffles to suit any tastes.

The marbling of Guylian’s Sea Shells Original Praliné makes for a truly beautiful piece of candy. The dark chocolate of Guylian Sea Shells Extra Dark blends marvelously with the dark chocolate hazelnut filling. The lovely seahorses will surely appeal to Mom, with the underlying philanthropy of Guylian’s Project Seahorse, which helps to advance marine conservation.

I would like to disclose that, for the purpose of review, I received a generous sample of Guylian chocolates that I was able to share with my own mom. The presentation and taste backed by highly positive customer reviews make this chocolatier a fast favorite for Mother’s Day or any gift opportunity. If you don’t believe me, try them for yourself – available online at Amazon with fast shipping. For more information about Guylian Belgian Chocolate, please see: www.guylian.be/en.

Sweet Sally’s Bakeshop
To round out our sweets for Mom feature, Sweet Sally’s Bakeshop sent a generous array of yummy baked goodies for us to relish for the purpose of review. The Carrie’s Classic Spritz Spring Flower Cookies and heart-shaped butter cookies are two of my very favorites, as I am a complete sucker for cookies. The lemon bars made a great mid-morning snack, especially when I had skipped breakfast!

The popular heart themed tin of goodies that arrived included Big Apple Spring Crackle, Mrs. B’s Russian Tea Cakes, and Carrie’s Classic Spritz Cookies (shaped like hearts). My favorite of these, again, was the cookies. Just the perfect texture and a delicious taste that begs “just one more.”

While I believe most desserts that I choose will usually have chocolate as an ingredient, I enjoyed the non-chocolate goodies in this “Trio of Love” gift set even more. While I found the taste of the Big Apple Spring Crackle a bit too close to a saltine cracker dipped in chocolate for my personal liking, I still thought it showed a baker’s ingenuity and a new way to satisfy a sweet craving.

In their own special box, Caryn’s Tangy Lemon Bars were PERFECT. I loved these and am somewhat sad I sent them home to be shared between my mom and dad for the sake of my diet. Alas, better to share than squander. I’m happy to spread the cheer of these delicious bars that were perfectly moist, sweet, and just lemony enough, not too much so. Completely scrumptious!

These are just a few of the treats at Sweet Sally’s. All goodies are trans-fat free and made of healthy, natural ingredients. For more information, please see: www.sweetsallys.com.

Other Goodies for Mother’s Day
Some other special treats to consider as Mother’s Day gifts may include homemade baked goods, gift certificates to your mom’s favorite bakery or sweet shop, a candy gift basket, brownies, or a gift basket brimming with all things chocolate. Another option is to take your mom out for ice cream to enjoy a banana split or her very favorite frozen treat, whatever that may be!

What sweets have you given or received for Mother’s Day?

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