Happy Mother’s Day Poems – Sweet Sentiments for Mom (and Grandma)

Happy Mother’s Day Poems are a great way to show mom how much you care. Expressing your feelings in a beautiful display of words is a permanent gift for your mom to treasure. Consider these Mother’s Day poems and tips for your mom as part of her greeting or use these mom poems as inspiration to create your own Happy Mother’s Day poem.

To the Best Mom on Mother’s Day
Mom, you have always been there for me
And I hope you know I am there for you, too.
Your love and support mean the world to me
And I truly appreciate all that you do
Even if I don’t tell you often enough…
You mean so much to me, and I love you!

A Haiku for Mom
Mothers are like a sweet daisy
Even when kids drive her crazy
Moms love from the start
With all of their heart
Even when children are lazy!

Freestyle “Mother” Poem
More love than imaginable
Open arms always
The glue that holds us together
Hopeful and helpful
Everlasting support and guidance
Radiant and beautiful, inside and out

These are just a few examples of sweet and sentimental Mother’s Day poems you can include in your Mother’s Day greeting cards. You can certainly use these poems for your mom or come up with some on your own to let her know how much you care. You might also want to consider Mother’s Day poems for Grandma or your stepmother if applicable and appropriate.

If sweet and sentimental is not your cup of tea, you might like to consider funny poems for Mother’s Day (or funny poems about Mother’s Day!). It is tough to give an example of these, because they should be based on your own personal relationship and experiences you’ve share with your mom. Try to include amusing memories of your siblings and other things your mom would enjoy reading in your funny Mother’s Day poem.

If your mom is no longer living, consider writing sad Mother’s Day poems as a way to alleviate your sadness and let your emotions flow. You can keep your poems for mom private or share them with your family, siblings, and father if appropriate. Thinking of your mom and remembering the good times can be a cathartic activity in the healing process.

Your mom is sure to appreciate the special Mother’s Day poems you create and share with her. Wishing you and your mom a Happy Mother’s Day!


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