Alcon Eye Drops: Naphcon A Eye Allergy Relief Review

Alcon eye drops, particularly Alcon Naphcon A Eye Allergy Relief drops, are a true lifesaver when it comes to my spring allergies and hay fever.  My optometrist / ophthalmologist recommended these Alcon eye drops as a surefire way to alleviate the itchy, red, watery eyes that I experience every April and May during spring allergy season when all the pollen starts falling from the trees. I had never heard of Naphcon A or Alcon eye drops prior to this doctor’s visit, but I happily added these allergy relief eye drops to my list of spring allergy must-haves.

Alcon Naphcon A Eye Allergy Relief drops are a clean eye drop that works immediately to soothe and hydrate the eye. You can use these soothing Alcon eye drops to flush debris from the eye or simply to reduce eye redness or alleviate irritation. I use these religiously as my go-to “pollen eye drops” for my spring pollen allergies, but my husband’s friend is mildly allergic to our long-haired dog and still has amazing results with these drops. Whenever he comes to visit, he uses my Alcon eye drops (always Naphcon A) and still comments how impressed he is at the speed with which the drops take the itch out of his eyes.

The Alcon Eye Drop product is available as a single eye drop or as part of a two-pack at your favorite drugstore and online at Amazon. I highly recommend the two-pack so you can take one to work and leave one at home, or place one in your purse and keep it with you at all times, keeping the second one in your medicine cabinet. The bottles are a little small for my tastes, but they are well worth the price due to the instant relief these drops provide time and again.

Benefits of Alcon Eye Drops: Naphcon A (allergy eye drops)
•    Effectively eliminate itchy eye symptoms
•    Easily flush foreign particles from eyes
•    Excellent, very fast allergy relief
•    Great travel size
•    Convenient two-pack available
•    Contains an antihistamine as well as a redness reducer
•    Highly recommended by eye doctors
•    Works the first time, every time

If you are wondering about the disadvantages and advantages of Naphcon A, you can see above how I found many positive reasons to use this product. It really is my eye drop of choice, and others who’ve used it seem to agree. I thought long and hard to come up with some disadvantages as well, but the only thing I came up with is that the bottle is awfully small for the price. However, to me, the effective and immediate relief I experience from using these drops is well worth double the cost. (But don’t tell Alcon that!)

So anyway, I usually buy a two-pack to stretch it further. That seems to last me all allergy season and then some. Then I come back to the CVS or RiteAid and buy more whenever I run out – I am a very loyal customer.

Naphcon A drops used to be prescribed by doctors but now they are available over the counter. These Alcon allergy eye drops are backed by great reviews on Amazon and countless others throughout the Web. Those who use these drops agree that they work. I stand firmly behind this product and will continue purchasing it as often as my allergy symptoms persist. I include these with my allergy regimen of Chloraseptic Allergen Block and Allegra D 24-hour allergy medication. I have already purchased these Alcon drops on at least two occasions since I first learned about them. This style of Alcon eye drop is effective at relieving allergy symptoms from pollen, grass, ragweed, animal dander, and hair.

If you are wondering, “How long can you use Naphcon-A eye drops,” simply refer to the product packaging to ensure you don’t over-apply them to your eyes. According to the bottle I have right here, the directions say to put one to two drops in the affected eye or eyes up to four times a day. Check with your eye doctor or physician if you feel you may need more frequent relief.

Alcon eye drops for watery eyes – these drops are suitable for use with a variety of eye conditions, including itchy, watery eyes associated with allergies and irritation. You can use Alcon to flush your eye out when you are suffering from a foreign body or particle such as an eyelash or a piece of makeup or pet hair. The clean, cool Alcon eye drop soothes the afflicted eye and eases the discomfort you may be feeling.

You can buy Alcon Naphcon A allergy eye drops at CVS or your favorite pharmacy, and also conveniently online at Don’t forget to get the two-pack so you always have these powerful and effective eye drops on hand.


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