Nail Art Designs for Any Occasion

When you wear nail art designs on your fingernails or toenails, it’s not always because you want to flaunt your glamorous and trendy style. This may be a part of the reason. But more than this, women have ways of rewarding themselves for a job well done at work or a whole week satisfying the needs of their husbands and kids. Putting some art on the fingernails is a simple pleasure and a relaxing experience for women. You’ll spend more of your spare time with your nails as you get to know various nail art designs achievable even by your own hands.

3D Nail Art Designs
One trend making a buzz in the nail art scene is a variety of 3D nail art designs. These nail accessories have a raised appearance and texture on your nails, adding more fun and elegance to your hands. Swarovski, rhinestones, sequins, 3D stickers, and dried flowers are some 3D nail accessories.

You can complement your long black gown by putting on glistening Swarovski crystals or rhinestones. You can highlight a funky appearance by applying 3D stickers of flowers and hearts, or build up a feminine side of you by putting on dried flowers for your nail art designs.

Fimo Nail Art Designs
Fimo canes are made of polymer clay in the forms of logs with a design on their core. When sliced into thin sheets, fimo slices makes charming and lovely nail accessories.

Fimo nail accessories can be purchased either as fimo canes or as fimo slices ready to apply on the nails. Fimo nail art designs mostly come in fruits, flowers, animals, or even pastries, and in attractive pastel or vivid colors.

Acrylic Nail Art Designs
If you’re looking for a more subtle look, you can resort to acrylic nail art designs. You may be the type who doesn’t want to overdo fashion. Given you already wear the best dress in your closet, a simple acrylic nail art design can blend well into your overall look.

You can experiment with acrylic nail paint. Put on some dots using a dotting tool or a toothpick, or achieve color swirls using a liner brush. You can do a lot of nail art designs simply by using your creativity. When you get more experienced, you can work with acrylic nail powder and liquid to create your own fake nails and nail extensions. You can also mix a style of acrylic nail art with the previous designs mentioned if your mood shifts to a more extravagant look.

Freehand Nail Art Designs
If you want every aspect of your appearance to be a creative expression of yourself, try the freehand nail art designs. No matter what mood you are in or how you want the world to perceive you at a given moment, you can show it through your fingernails.

A fine brush, nail paint, and a base color of nail polish will do in applying freehand designs, but you can be more creative with your nails with the aid of nail art kits. A kit normally has a striping brush, mini-liner brush, liner brush, and nail art brush. Some kits even include nail art pens, a dotting tool, and a nail art tray.

A good choice of base color won’t overpower your hand-painted nail art designs. Mix your freehand nail design with the rest of the nail art accessories to expand your creativity. You can also add a little texture by putting on some glitter, crushed seashells for nail art, or colored sand.

Whatever you want to do with your nails, keep in mind that this is a rewarding experience for you to conclude and start another busy week. As you practice your nail art designs from one month to the next, you should also notice your nail art skills improving.

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