Top 10 Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

A baby shower is a special occasion and a variety of baby shower centerpiece ideas can help with decorating for the party. No matter if the mommy-to-be is having a baby boy or a baby girl – or even a surprise – you can find dozens of cool, cute, and creative baby shower centerpieces to dress up the tables at your event. Consider these top 10 baby shower centerpiece ideas for an upcoming baby shower that you’re planning.

Here are a number of creative and cute baby shower centerpiece ideas:

Best Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

1.    Cute stuffed animals in the baby’s nursery theme

2.    Oversized baby blocks – ABC

3.    Baby shower mini cakes or cupcakes

4.    Balloons tied to a cute paperweight

5.    Potted plants in gender appropriate or gender neutral colors

6.    Edible fruit centerpiece

7.    Candy centerpiece featuring baby themed candies

8.    Pastel watering cans with flowers spilling out

9.    King cake (Mardi Gras tradition with a plastic baby)

10.    Floating rubber ducky in a glass bowl

These are just a few ideas for cute and creative baby shower centerpieces. Customize these baby shower table decorations for a boy, girl, or surprise baby by choosing colors that complement the appropriate color scheme or baby’s nursery theme. Don’t forget to put together other room decorations as well as little goodie bags for your guests, if you wish. You can also check out craft sites and online sites for great baby shower centerpiece ideas!

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