Short Curly Hairstyles for Women

Spring finally arrived a couple of weeks back and before you knew it, summer was hot on its heels. Time is on the fast track and there are upcoming events ahead where you can flaunt your new looks. Have you made up your mind on what look you’ll be sporting for the coming chapters of your life? If not, then let’s start on the top: your hairstyle.

Prom is nearing and so is the summer break. Although you look pretty with that long, smooth hair, people are too accustomed to it and you need a lift to get back into the limelight. A retreat to a short curly hairstyle will not only seize second and third glances, but it also inspires a light, bouncy feeling, oozing with confidence – a great aura for the summer season.

Cute Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair
Before you choose the new style you want to achieve with your hair, always seek advice from an expert first. Hairstyles should match certain features like the texture of your hair and the shape of your face. Hair maintenance and styling change significantly upon transition to a bob cut. Short hair is definitely more manageable than long hair, as long as you know how to style it.

If you’re aiming for a cute, charming look this summer season, try something like the short, layered, curly hair of Jenifer Lopez, Rihanna, or Charlize Theron. These celebrity hairstyles are suitable for round, oval, or diamond-shape faces and best for medium to thick hair texture. You can browse through the Internet to get a clearer picture of hairstyles for the short curly hair of women.

When wearing the curls, perfect your evening look for a dinner date with your partner by putting on a stylish headband or pretty hair clips. If you’re off to a shopping spree with your mom, add more volume on your short, curly hair and wear a headband with scarf topping a shirt, shorts, and flats outfit. Enhance that sweet, charming look by putting on a tan hat, or feel young at heart by clasping the curls on colorful kiddie barrettes for a weekend getaway on the beach with your friends.

You can do so much to achieve that cute hairstyle for your short curly hair. You just have to apply your creativity to achieve the appropriate look for each occasion and every season.

Prom Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair
The prom is one of the moments when any young woman feels she’s indeed a real lady. Parading in elegant gowns and toting chic, glimmering bags and accessories, it is not only a social gathering, but a venue to celebrate our femininity. You’d better be sure your hairstyle down to your shoes agrees with this goal.

Short curls can emanate a sexy and romantic aura. Put on a glittering headband teeming with stones or style the curls with hair gems and sparkling clips to match your sophisticated look. Nice Swarovski earrings and more sparkling jewelry will complete the dramatic look. But don’t overdo it. Remember, simplicity is elegance.

If you want to try a trendy prom hairstyle for your short curly hair, you may use tinsel to glam your hair. Make sure it blends nicely with both your gown and hair color to achieve that evening princess look. Apply hair mouse to add volume and bring the best of the curls. Once again, it’s good if you can take time to research on the Internet, and even better to ask an expert about the most suitable prom hairstyle for your short, curly hair. In seeking advice, consider your gown’s style and color to make sure your hairstyle complements your outfit.

You can mix and match with short curly hairstyles. A couple of hairstyles can transform you into different looks that one may not recognize you at all. Keep in mind that your transformation isn’t purposely a total change of you, but a fun and fancy upgrade of your look.

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