Crackle Nail Polish Colors and Trends

A woman’s look is not complete without nail polish – especially crackle nail polish or shatter nail polish these days. Nail polish speaks a lot about a person. It can actually change how one expresses her personality a great deal. A wide variety of nail polish colors are available so everyone can pick what suits them best. Since nail polish colors reflect so much on you, it is fun to choose a color that best suits your mood. (Did you know there are even “mood nail polishes” on the market?!)

If you want to add drama and mystery to your appearance, choose dark shades. To give your nails that shiny look, go for metallic nail polish. To portray a gentle and feminine personality, use lighter shades. To stand out in a crowd, use trendy polish. This will show that you are interested in fashion. Look out for nail polish colors that celebrities are wearing since they are trendsetters but remember to look for hot new nail colors depending on the season.

There are several websites that offer all shades of nail colors, for example, which has a wide selection of both crackle nail polish and shatter nail polish varieties. The occasion that you will be attending should also help determine the nail polish colors that you pick. For example, for a night out with other girls or even a dinner date with someone you hold dear, you should pick brightly colored nail polish. It is a chance to be daring. For a sophisticated night out to the ballet or opera, you can go for darker, intense nail polish colors. For an interview, it is advisable to pick pale to neutral nail polish colors. This is a time that you do not want to draw unnecessary attention to yourself. Such colors also give you a more professional look and this is what your interviewers will notice.

Different colors have different meanings, so it is important that you pick nail polish colors with this in mind. A color like green, which comes is several shades, says that you are an exciting person. Colors like chrome, graphite, gold, and bronze will normally leave eyes fixed on you. These colors are a perfect choice that can be worn with almost anything.

Since there are different colors of crackle nail polish and shatter nail polish to suit all skin tones, you should focus more on your mood. Some of the suitable crackle polish and shatter polish colors for today’s woman are Mia secret nail polish purple and China glaze nail polish fault line, a very cool graffiti style polish, which come both in crackle and shatter, have recorded very good sales. These are clear and soft colors that work on your nails like a whisper.

Other crackle nail polishes that can look extremely stunning on you are the Mia Secret Crackle Nail Polish Orange, which is very strong and durable. It is meant for women who are more daring. Still others are OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Nail Polish, which includes a Silver Shatter. OPI Simply Smash-Ing is another fun shatter polish in a gold-green this time, inspired by tennis star Serena. With these popular colors, you will always stand out in a crowd.

Perhaps the hottest of the season, another color that will give you a stunning look is OPI E53 Black Shatter. With black nail polish, you should take care of even the slightest details. This is because even the smallest mistake with black nail polish will draw a lot of attention.

Crackle nail polish is relatively inexpensive and it’s a great way to give your nails a special makeover with the changing seasons. You can apply the crackle or shatter topcoat on virtually any nail polish base color, so get creative!


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