Favorite Flip Flops for Summer 2011

Flip flops got their name from the sound that they make when one is walking. They have a flat sole and are made of rubber. Several years ago, they were worn mainly inside the house and on the beaches. However, things have now changed. These sandals are a comfortable and very affordable pair of shoes that are here to stay.

The good thing about flip flops is that the wearer can sport them in their own style. One can add a personal touch to the footwear to enhance the looks of the sandals. It is important to ensure that the type of sandals you have chosen compliments your feet. You should also find flip flops that actually add life to your outfit. Wearing the wrong sandals could sabotage your look in some cases.

When you choose sandals or flip flops, it is advisable to match the footwear to the occasion. For example, a lady typically should not wear sandals with an evening gown. Men, on the other hand, should not wear sandals with socks. It is also advisable to match the style and color of the sandals to the color and style of your outfit. Flip flops can be worn both to formal and informal occasions and they are worn by people from all walks of life.

Personalizing Your Flip Flops
It is possible to personalize your flip flops. A bride can give out these personalized sandals to her bridesmaids. Personalized flip flops are also a fun gift to give out during one’s bridal shower. The planners can put the bride’s name and names of guests or even initials on the soles of the flip flops. It is a good idea to choose a different color for each bridesmaid or to keep consistent with the wedding colors. Personalizing the flip flops makes them unique and special for one’s wedding.

If you are crafty, you can also personalize flip flops just for the heck of it. Craft stores like Joann Fabric often sell plain, cheap flip flops that you can personalize with ribbons, rhinestones, and other fun craft items. Use your imagination to create a wonderful, customized flip flop!

Do You Know “How To Make Ribbon Flops” or “How to Decorate Flip Flops”?
If you want to make your own personalized flip flops, you will need: the flip flops of your choice, a ribbon of about five yards, craft scissors, and glue. These are affordable and easy to find materials. You can choose the colors that you think will go well with your footwear and your complexion. You can also choose the ribbon that fits your outfit for a classier and smart look. It is also possible to decorate flip flops in order to have a variety of styles. These are some of the most inexpensive ways of changing your look and still personally have fun with the craft.

To decorate your flip flops you will first need to purchase the footwear. You will then need to purchase the embellishments that will be used to decorate the sandals. These can either be simple ribbons or fancy rhinestones. It is a great idea to use glitter paint to decorate the outside part of the sandal. This you will apply using a brush. If you will be wearing the flip flop to a summer event, you can match them with your dress. One of the loveliest decorating ideas is personalized flip flops. This adds a dynamic element to your footwear.

There is a wide variety of popular brands of sandals, which include Reef and Yellow Box sandals, which are no longer casual wear. They are not just for bumming around the beach. If you are looking for height, these sandals will hook you up with a trendy wedge. They have a modern and unique twist.

Havaianas are another hot style of flip flops. This brand has become an international hit due to it superb comfort, durability, and sleek design. Another type of popular sandals would be Rainbow sandals. Rainbows come in a variety of styles and rich color tones, especially dark brown and tan.

The key to finding the best flip flops for you is to find a shoe that is comfortable, attractive, and fitting for your swimsuit or wardrobe. You can, of course, have more than one pair of flip flops. Some people have many pairs! You may want a nice, classy pair that dresses up well, a casual beach bum pair, and a few others in different colors. Now is a great time to select some new summer flip flops!


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