Fun Things to Do on a Saturday Night

Most people think that going out during the weekend and especially on Saturday night is the only option. This is not true. There are several things to do on a Saturday night with family or friends whether you decide to go out or just stay at home. If you are a bachelor or bachelorette, you can spend your Saturday night with friends. Pick an activity that will bring you and your friends some fun. If you want to relax at home with family, that is acceptable for your Saturday night plans as well.

Things to Do On a Saturday Night with Friends
One of the things that you can do on a Saturday night with friends is going to see a movie. You can all agree on the movie you want to watch. You can either watch it at home or simply go out and have fun watching one on the big screen. For home movie viewing, get a tub of ice cream, popcorn, pizza, and other favorite snacks.

Other activities to enjoy with friends may include a trip to the local arcade, hanging out at the mall, or playing a game of miniature golf or chip n’ putt if the weather is nice. You can also go for dinner at some of the newest restaurants in town or simply go bar hopping if you enjoy it.

Things to Do on a Saturday Night with Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, or Wife
The other alternative is to spend your Saturday night with your boyfriend or girlfriend (or spouse). Searching for things to do on a Saturday night with your loved one should not be a dilemma. It is important that you look for something that the two of you will enjoy. It should be a give and take relationship.

You can go swimming in the late afternoon and then have a romantic dinner together. You can also enjoy an evening stroll together and spend some time watching the stars and other creations of Mother Nature. You can also attend live concerts. For those who like dancing, go to a dance on Saturday night with your girlfriend or boyfriend. It is also fun to sit back and watch your favorite programs on TV together. You can catch up on your TiVo / DVR. Saturday night is also a good time to play those childhood games together with your loved one – Monopoly, Sorry, Scrabble, Boggle, The Game of Life, and others.

For those who are married and have family, you can take the kids to a friend’s home or to their grandparents and have all the evening to yourself. You can spend time in the house without the noise and disturbance from the kids. You can go out to enjoy a romantic dinner with your partner like you used to do before you got married. You can also play romantic games together like you did when you were newlyweds. Another thing that a wife and husband can do on Saturday night is listening to soothing music and relaxing.

Things to Do on a Saturday Night with Your Family
For those who want to spend their Saturday night as a family, you can either stay at home or go out. Staying at home will not make you a grandmother. Do it for the sake of your family. You can play indoor games with your kids. Do what your kids love most. You can also watch movies at home, read books, cook together, and do everything else as a family.

You can also invite friends or relatives and spend the Saturday evening together. If you love eating at a restaurant, you can go out together and have fun. You can also decide to spend the evening at a friend’s home.

All these are marvelous things that people can do together on Saturday night. Your evening should not be boring. Be creative and look for a fun way of passing this free time.


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  1. I try to have date night with my “sweetie” at least once a month, and family night each week for games and movies with the kids. Treats, skits, riddles, songs and being goofy.

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