Ideas for Hen Party Bags and Bachelorette Goodie Bags

Hen parties and bachelorette parties can be so much fun for everyone involved! Putting together personalized hen party bags can make the occasion even more memorable. You can include elements related to the upcoming wedding in your hens’ party bags or simply include sexy gifts and trinkets for your girls to enjoy. Typically the bridesmaids or the bride’s friends will plan the bachelorette party or hen do. Sometimes it is on an entire weekend while other times it might just be a single girls’ night out. Whatever the case, bachelorette and hen party bags can make the entire experience so much more interesting and exciting!

So what exactly do you put into hen night party bags or bachelorette goodie bags? Well, I’m glad you asked, because I have a wide variety of ideas for both racy, sexy party bag goodies and of course, the PG and PG13 items to include in your hen party gift bags. Consider these suggestions as you plan and put together your bachelorette and hen goodie bags.

PG Rated Contents for Bachelorette and Hen Night Party Bags
•    Flavored lip balm
•    Scented lotion
•    Candy
•    Chewing gum
•    Wine charms, corkscrews and other wine accessories
•    One-time use cameras
•    Flip-flops matching the wedding colors

PG13 and R Rated Contents for Bachelorette and Hen Party Bags
•    Candy shaped like the male anatomy
•    Lingerie items
•    Sexy dice or other racy games
•    Thong or sexy panty / boyshorts
•    Condoms
•    Gift certificate to adult store or lingerie shop
•    Personal lubricant
•    Massage candle
•    Just about anything lingerie themed or sexy

These are just a few ideas for your bachelorette or hens’ night party bags. You can include anything you think your group of ladies and the bride will enjoy. The entire party bag doesn’t have to be sexy in nature, but you can include any goodies that you feel are appropriate for your crowd.

Don’t forget to make a special hen night party bag for the bride-to-be herself! The bride’s hen party bag can contain fun bachelorette and bride-to-be themed items like a sash, pin or button, and a miniature veil or even the fun devil bride veil. Include lots of candy, lip balm, a thong or other lingerie, and other fun and sexy goodies. If you have other ideas, please share them in our comments below!


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  1. These are cute ideas, and thanks for sharing them, when you are in the midst of planning wedding things, your mind gets jumbled, this is a clear map for finding what to put in bags.

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