Zebra Baby Shower Ideas for Zebra Print or Jungle Themes

New and fun baby shower themes are arriving with each passing year. Some themes may be completely brand new while others may be a spinoff from the older, more traditional baby shower themes. Zebra print is a very popular baby shower theme lately, and you can play it up with pink for a fun girl baby shower or blue for a boy baby shower. You can also make the baby shower into a jungle theme in general with a cute, overarching zebra theme in addition to green leaves and jungle vines as well as a few other wild animals.

There are a few things to consider in planning your zebra print baby shower. It helps to think about the shower and make some plans a few months in advance. Check out these suggestions and tips for a zebra baby shower.

Zebra Print Baby Shower Invitations
The first thing your guests will see in connection with the baby shower is the invitation that you choose for the event. If you want to be consistent with your theme and let all the guests know about the theme before the day of the shower, consider sending zebra baby shower invitations.

You can find cute zebra print or zebra themed baby shower invitations online or you can make your own using cardstock and scrapbook paper or other arts and crafts supplies. You can also make your zebra shower invitations on the computer and print them out for all the guests. If you plan to make your own invitations from scratch, be sure to give yourself enough time to make a few examples and put them all together before you have to get them into the mail.

Zebra Print Baby Shower Decorations
Once you’ve sent the invitations to let the guests know about the shower, the next step is obtaining the supplies you will need to pull off the event. Keep consistent with the theme and start looking for zebra print baby shower decorations that you can customize according to the baby’s gender or keep it a surprise.

Some cute jungle themed or zebra themed party decorations to consider may include banners, tablecloths, napkins, paper plates and cups, balloons, and table centerpieces. For your baby shower centerpieces, you can consider stuffed zebra toys or jungle themed stuffed animals as well as edible centerpieces such as individual cakes for the table or miniature cupcake tiers. Balloons can also make a nice baby shower centerpiece, especially when paired with something cute as a weight to hold them at your desired height, usually above the conversation. Be sure to have lots of balloons for the children at the shower to take home as well.

Remember, you can customize pretty much any baby-themed shape with zebra print. Just look for zebra print wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, or craft paper and you can make your own decorations by hand. (You might want to practice with regular paper first.) Also, though it might not fall completely into the list of decorations, a baby shower cake is essential to the event. You can get an expert baker to make a special zebra striped baby shower cake to complete the theme at this special baby shower.

Zebra Baby Shower Favors
Another key component of the baby shower planning is to ensure you have gift bags or party favors for your guests to take home. If you want to keep your zebra baby shower theme running through the whole event, you can also look for zebra themed baby shower favors.

Here are a couple of cute ideas for zebra baby shower favors:
•    Hand-poured candles in baby food jars with a zebra ribbon or label
•    Zebra print bookmarks
•    Zebra print gift boxes or gift bags with candy or mints
•    Zebra print trinket boxes
•    Zebra print picture frames

These are just a few ideas for planning a zebra baby shower. Remember, you can integrate these ideas with a total jungle theme for the baby shower, which is a very popular shower theme these days as well. If you have other ideas, please share them in our comments below.


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