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Creative Baby Shower Venues to Consider

Planning and hosting a baby shower may be similar to the whole bridesmaid experience all over again. From considering baby shower venues to planning the games, decorations, centerpieces, invitations, and menu, the event checklist goes on and on. If you are planning one, the baby shower venues probably are one of the first things to research so you can secure your date and put the plans in place. It’s also important to decide if your baby shower will be a surprise or if the guest of honor will know all the details ahead of time.

Interesting Baby Shower Venues
Before you get too far into the planning phases, consider these baby shower venues and special locations for your upcoming event:

•    A nice restaurant, bistro, or café
•    A country club or golf course clubhouse
•    A YMCA, firehouse, or other social hall
•    The home of the grandparents-to-be
•    The home of the aunt- and uncle-to-be
•    The home of a dear friend or family friend
•    A winery (hey, it’s beautiful and everyone else can enjoy it!)
•    A park with an outdoor gazebo, pavilion, or picnic area
•    A beach house – make a weekend of it!
•    A hotel
•    A banquet hall or ballroom

Some of these baby shower venues are relatively standard while others may be a little outside of the average baby shower venue. The main thing to consider when planning a baby shower is the mom-to-be and her personality, tastes, and comfort levels. You can plan a really nice baby shower with a simple approach at someone’s home or a more elaborate approach at a restaurant, hotel, or banquet area, among others.

These are just a few suggestions to get you started in the planning processes. When thinking about the places to have a baby shower, remember to consider a point that is reasonable for the key guests involved. There are many places for a baby shower party, but you can find the one that best fits the mom-to-be and her special guests. Please share any other baby shower venue ideas you may have in our comments below.


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