Fun and Exciting 21st Birthday Party Ideas

At age 21, the best 21st birthday party ideas are usually the ones that involve close friends and sometimes even family. At this age you should be inspired by adventure and the birthday party ideas should have a touch of maturity because you are at one of the most exciting ages in life. Make your 21st birthday memorable with outdoor activities, especially if you enjoy adventures. You can look for sports that you and your friends love, for example, flag football, soccer, water balloon fights, clay shooting, quad biking / four-wheeling, archery, and several others.

Some other 21st birthday party ideas are having a barbecue or a buffet party with family and friends. Your menu can include burgers, grilled hot dogs, and drinks. If you live in a wine country, you can enjoy a tour of the winery and look for something perfect as a souvenir for your 21st birthday.

Since this is an exciting time in your life, you should ensure that you host a successful party. This will however, depend on the available budget, number of people in attendance, and venue. If you will have a themed birthday party, it is sometimes fun to dish out gifts for the theme, for example, to the best and worst dressed guests. However, it is alright to celebrate your 21st birthday in a restaurant with family or at a bar with friends. Most 21-year-olds decide to spend at least part of their birthday or birthday evening at the bar with friends.

21st Birthday Theme Party Ideas
There are a number of themes that worked out well as 21st birthday party ideas. One of these is Luau, which is a Hawaiian word meaning feast. Your 21st birthday party can be feast time. In the past people ate at Luau feasts sitting on the floor. They rolled out mats, which was great fun. You can have a replica of this on your 21st birthday party. Improvise plates and have some slightly unusual foods like sweet potatoes, roasted meat, and dry fish. You can add humor to it by having your guests use their hands to eat.

You can also visit the casino with your guests and have fun playing games. You can do this in person with a card table or home slot machine, online, or simply by visiting a local casino (or making a trip to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Niagara Falls, and others). You can play games like craps, poker, roulette, blackjack, and more.

You can also consider having a cocktail party as one of your perfect 21st birthday party ideas. This is a very stylish and elegant way of celebrating your birthday. To add more fun, you should have chilled drinks. You can even create a signature drink named after you, containing some of your favorite things. To have the best cocktail party on your 21st birthday you should plan ahead of time. Send out the invitations in good time and make sure that you tell the guests whether it will be a formal 21st birthday party or not.

21st Birthday Party Ideas for Girls
There are a number of things that girls would like to do on their 21st birthday. Party ideas for girls do not have to cost a fortune. To create a happy and successful event, you can organize a dance party for the girls. You can hire a DJ with lights and a mirror ball. Or you can use an iPod or MP3 player to give the girls an unlimited stream of dance music. You can also consider a rock climbing or swimming 21st birthday party to add some excitement.

The girls can also have a fantastic time by having a spa party on the 21st birthday, which they will consider a royal treat. Another great 21st birthday party idea is having a mani / pedi party. This is a great way for the girls to have fun together. They can have the best spa treatment price free. They can keep it simple but make sure that there is enough space to relax and do what they want. The girls can also have a pink party. Pink is the color for girls and one can have a party with everything pink from plates, cups, napkins, to flatware, candy, drinks, and even food. Make it more fun yet but asking everyone to wear pink!

When all is said and done, it is advisable to take party time safety measures. Do not drink too much even though it is party time. Share cabs rather than driving, especially if you know that you might drink more than your limit.


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