Classy and Sophisticated Hairstyles for Mature Women

While pigtails and bouncy ringlets look adorable on tots and teens and even some college girls, they may not be the hippest everyday hair fashion for those of us who’ve already blossomed into our fabulous adulthood. Mature women want a more sophisticated hairstyle that shows our class and makes us attractive whether we are already married or on the prowl for a new love interest. Mature hairstyles are anything but matronly! Mature hairstyles are hot, sexy, and usually marked by a fun flair of color, texture, or shape.

If you are considering a more mature hairstyle, you are ready to live it up in your prime. You glow with beauty and you’ve got the best years of your life surrounding you. Now is your time to shine! Consider the following mature hairstyles for classy, sophisticated women.

Hairstyles for mature women can be classy and sedate or fun and flirty, and they can be quite complex or very simple to do. To find a sophisticated and mature hairstyle that best suits you, first consider your daily activities. Will you be moving around a lot? Working out? Hosting a presentation? Running errands? Cooking and cleaning? Teaching a class? Meeting with clients? Based on your day’s agenda, you can create a great series of mature hairstyles that are both beautiful and functional.

Traditional and Classy Mature Hairstyles
As you’ve grown up through the years, you’ve probably noticed many other women wearing these characteristic “older” mature hairstyles that have also been popularized by the young’uns. Buns and braids are relatively easy hairstyles to create, and they look great throughout the entire day, usually no matter how active your schedule is. Consider a bun or a braid when you don’t want to spend a lot of time messing with curlers, curling irons, or styling products. These are super simple mature hairstyles you can enjoy almost anytime at all.

Even a messy bun held by a clip is a hot style! (Photo courtesy of Mary R. Vogt, morgueFile)

How to Make a Bun:
1. Brush or comb hair to free it from tangles and knots.
2. Pull your hair back into a ponytail. Consider how high you want the bun to sit when you decide where to secure the pony.
3. Take the entire ponytail and twist it tightly to form a coil.
4. Twist the coiled hair either clockwise or counterclockwise around the base of your ponytail.
5. Secure the bun with another elastic hair band. The ends of the ponytail serve as a good aid in securing the hairstyle.
6. Spray with your favorite styling gel or hairspray if desired.

VARIATION: You can braid your ponytail first, and then twist it into a bun if you like. You can also part your hair a little to the side for a more elegant look.

TIP: If you don’t particularly care for the look of your face with all your hair slicked back, pull out a few pieces in the front. You can also get a haircut that styles your hair with a shorter, tapered frame of hair around your face. This allows for pieces of hair to easily be pulled out for styling.

How to Braid Hair:
1.  Brush or comb hair to free it from tangles and knots.
2. Select how much hair you would like to braid. You can braid your entire head of hair, or you can braid a small section by itself.
3. Separate the hair you’ve selected into three equal parts. (Important: Do not allow these sections of hair to mix together at all during the braiding process.)
4. Pull the right section across the center section of hair so that the right section is now the center section.
5. Pull the left section across the center section of hair so that the left section is now in the middle.
6. Continue alternating between steps 4 and 5 until you reach the ends of your hair.
7. Secure the braid with an elastic hair band.

VARIATION: You can vary your braids by increasing the tightness with which you pull the strands of hair as you create the braid. Go for a loose, sensual braid for a night out on the town. Try a tighter braid when you want to take care of business, like your Saturday morning cooking, cleaning, shopping, and errand running.

TIP: If you want to create a tightly woven braid, try braiding your hair while it is still damp from the shower. It keeps your strands closer together and allows for your hair sections to be woven together more strongly than when hair is dry.

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