Lip Gloss Bracelet Gifts and Party Favors for Little Girls or Elegant Accessories for Women

Did you ever have cool kind of lip gloss jewelry as a child? I had a plastic lip gloss bracelet that had a cheery pink lip color inside. Granted lip balms and lip glosses have come a long way in 20 years, but it’s exciting to see that some of our childhood products are still available, with upgrades. Lip gloss bracelets are available to suit girls of any age, from young girls wanting to start experimenting with makeup to women who need to keep lip gloss within reach at all times.

Several types of lip gloss bracelet gifts are available for purchase, from the elegant KLS lip gloss bracelet to the Dior lip gloss bracelet for adults and the Dora Star Catcher Lip Gloss Bracelets and assorted Disney lip gloss bracelets. Little girls’ lip gloss bracelets make great gifts and party favors instead of the traditional party bag. You can give your daughter’s friends a little token they’ll treasure and cherish instead of candy and junky plastic toys.

If you are more interested in lip gloss bracelet styles for adults, consider the Dior Lip Gloss Bracelet. The Dior Gourmette Lip Gloss Bracelet offers women two of their great loves in one product – jewelry and makeup! Two lovely shades of Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss (Pink Shimmer and Light Bronze Shimmer) are contained in this special silver ID style bracelet.

The KLS Lucky Charm Bracelet with Golden Goddess Gloss is another option for a fashionable makeup accessory to enjoy, this time in gold metal. This cool lip gloss bracelet features gold chains and links with a square lip gloss locket containing a shimmery gold gloss to keep your lips soft and kissable anytime, anywhere.

A lip gloss bracelet can be a nice gift to request on your Christmas list or birthday list. No matter if you like the Dior lip gloss bracelet, KLS lip gloss bracelet, or a plastic lip gloss bracelet for your daughter and her friends, you are sure to love the versatility of this cool item. Enjoy the lip gloss and fashionable jewelry at the same time!


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