Summer 2011 Fashion Tips and Trends for Women

Each season brand new trends are emerging in the fashion and beauty world. Sometimes the trends come from fashion shows earlier in the year or during the previous year, other times they may be celebrity-inspired trends. Summer is a time when most women get rid of some of their layers, sleeves, and length. In come the light dresses, flirty skirts, and short-shorts. Here are a few summer 2011 fashion tips to help get you ready for warm weather, beach parties, and sunshine.

Summer is a time to look for the basics and then try as much as possible to stock up on them. Solid tank tops are the perfect example! You can get one tank in every color, pairing them with skirts, shorts, jeans, khakis, and even wear them as a camisole under sweaters when fall and winter arrive. Your summer fashions can include simple tanks or designer tank tops that are available in a variety of fashions from your favorite brands. These tanks are ideal for going to the beach, a bridal shower or baby shower, or even for a picnic. When it comes to pants and dress slacks, you can include a few light denims, linen, and khaki in your wardrobe. These summery fabrics will serve you well.

Get a new summer wardrobe that especially includes a few plain colored clothes that look great and serve many purposes. On cooler nights and stormy summer days, try and cover up with light fabrics to keep the chill off. Lightweight cardigans look great and sexy yet very respectable.

Fashion Tips for Summer 2011 – Shoes and Accessories
Box up your winter shoes and certainly don’t leave out any boots. Get more leather heels, lightweight sneakers, and if you are into sandals, then get wedge sandals this summer. These will give you a smart look. Cute sandals go well with sexy dresses, nice skirts, and even jeans or khakis. Look out for the summer 2011 trends and follow suit.

Don’t forget to include accessories that will blend well with most of your summer outfits. Summer 2011 fashion tips suggest a few popular accessories may include the Bebe chainmail scarf necklace, a Gucci women’s wallet, pepe jeans, and of course, Ed and Prada sunglasses. The light blue ones are a perfect summer choice. You might also love sunglasses by other brands, and for good cause. What summer is complete without sunglasses?!

Summer 2011 Fashion Tips – Clothing Choices for Occasions
Summertime is a time for weddings, parties, balls and barbeques. Look for stylish and comfortable choices. This is a time to show off your creative side in shapes, colors, and styles. Get light and bright colors that are eye catching. This is a time to wear shorts with flowery tops and mid-height heels or sandals. Accessorize with jewelry like diamond pendant necklaces. For parties you can wear a dressier outfit with a dazzling tennis bracelet. Embrace inspiration in your summer looks. Sheer fabrics are also a hot summer fashion.
Summer 2011 fashions certainly can be kept at a low profile. You may also enjoy T-shirts in your everyday wardrobe, especially those with a very soft fabric or the fitted look. Stylish super short dresses accessorized with shining jewelry are a perfect fashion for summer 2011. You may want to avoid dark colors that absorb heat this summer.

There are enough summer 2011 fashion trends that you should be able to pick and choose what best suits you. You can consider the ever-popular gladiator sandals, which can match many different outfits. They are practical, comfortable, and can even be worn when you are on vacation. The will make all your summer outfits look stylish whether you have them with multiple straps, buckles, or with metal detailing chains and studs. Gladiator sandals have been worn by celebrities on the red carpet and to the beach. Black sandals go well with most outfits while metallic ones are a chic fit. You can wear the tan or brown sandals with shorts dresses and skirts in the same color family.

Some summer 2011 fashion trends to consider may also include sleek and slinky dresses with a down-memory-lane look or wide-leg pants with an airy feel. Ink, emerald, and sapphire colors top the charts for summer 2011 trends in fashions for girls and women. Consider all of these suggestions and choose those you like best. Feel free to share your other ideas for summer fashions in our comments below.


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  1. Summer fashion seems mostly consist of light materials and may show more skin to release of heat. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Good post. Matching up your accessories such as jeans, a necklace, and a fashionable wallet may help enhance your summer look. Thanks for sharing.

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